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What: Hello-ween
When: Thursday, October 17 4:00pm-8:00pm
Special Deals:

    • Spook the Fat Away
      Chill your corpse with a fat freezing session. We’ll get a 1/2 off your stomach or the treatment is free. $250
    • Vampire Facial
      We VONT to suck your blood. Achieve ageless vampire skin using the powerful reparative properties of your own platelet-rich plasma. (Requires a blood draw.) $300
    • Dermaplaning for the Dead
      The doctor will see you now. Using a scalpel, our expert “surgeon” will remove dead surface skin for a freaky flawless complexion. $100
    • Mummy Mud Wrap
      Mummify and detoxify your corpse with moor mud harvested from the dark, watery graves of the dead. $125
    • Amethyst Massage (55 min)
      Relax with our spell casting gypsies while they draw upon the healing energy from crushed amethyst stone. $100
    • Braid Bar
      Take your Halloween style to the next level with a braid from the artist at Femme Akoi. $10
    • Cat-Eye Makeup
      Make your eyes purr-fect. Let our makeup artist create a beautiful cat eye. Free