makeup lessons

Makeup Lesson

Whether you prefer a more casual, minimalistic look or a more striking, glamorous look on a daily basis, you may have discovered a specific makeup application technique that generally works for you. This does not necessarily mean that you are completely satisfied with the results, only that you have figured out something that works “well enough.” In fact, you may detect certain flaws in your makeup application that don’t occur when you have makeup applied by a professional, or you may feel that you are stuck in a bit of a rut with your makeup application–unable to create a more unique look you desire. Of course, professional makeup application can help solve this problem for special occasions, but it is definitely too costly and time-consuming to turn to as a solution on a regular basis. Fortunately, there is another solution where you can achieve the results you desire in a cost- and time-effective way–through makeup lessons.

Professional Makeup Lessons

The reasons for why a woman fails to achieve the exact look she desires with her makeup application is normally due to one or more of the following factors: she is not using the right skincare products on her face, she is not using the right cosmetic products for her skin type, tone and complexion, she is not using the right makeup application tools or she is not using the right application techniques. Perfecting any one of these points can markedly improve one’s makeup application results, which means that perfecting all of these points can dramatically change one’s appearance.

Expert makeup lessons are designed to help make you expert at applying your own makeup. This means that the professional aesthetician will need to evaluate your skin type, tone, and complexion, as well as what look you wish to achieve with your makeup application. In doing this, she can help you to make any necessary changes to your basic skincare regimen that may be affecting makeup results. She can also determine whether the cosmetic products you are using will help contribute to the look you desire or may actually be responsible for the undesirable results you are currently achieving. For example, if you feel that you are constantly battling what looks like dark circles under your eyes, the professional aesthetician may determine that the darker shade of eyeshadow and mascara you are currently using are actually contributing to this issue and that lighter shades and different mascara application techniques will help to reverse this issue.

In some cases, women try to use their makeup in order to conceal what they consider to be imperfections on their face–which can be anything from darker pigmentation to freckles and even blemishes. However, using makeup to try and conceal all these things can actually cause one to feel that they have excessive makeup caked on their face, which causes its own undesirable issues. Professional aestheticians know how to highlight the more desirable features of the face with light makeup application, thereby naturally drawing attention away from the less desirable features without caking on makeup. Additionally, they can help you perfect the following points:

  • Proper skin exfoliation, moisturization, and sun protection.
  • Tapping the application brush before applying foundation, shadow or blush in order to avoid unsightly excess, and then applying more to achieve desired coverage.
  • Shaping brows to give your eyes a natural, full look.
  • Highlighting the high cheekbone.
  • Applying blush over the apples of the cheeks to light up the face.
  • Curling eyelashes to make them look longer and fuller, drawing positive attention to the eyes.
  • Cleaning makeup brushes regularly so they continue to work well.

Daily makeup application does not need to be a lengthy and exhausting process that yields only so-so results. With a professional makeup lesson, you can become certain of your ability to apply makeup easily and with great results. You can even learn a few tricks to help vary your look as needed for different occasions. At the very least you’ll learn how to resolve any issues that are bothering you and at the best, you will significantly boost your confidence in your makeup skills.