Botanica Day Spa Specials


Mother's Day Special


  • I don’t think I need to remind you but, Mother’s Day is this month – May 8th to be exact. Of course you already know Botanica is a great place to find a gift for the mother in your life. We have great cards, relaxation, beauty products and of course gift certificates and spa memberships. But these are the freebies I am giving to YOU this week. Why? Because we want you to pull off an amazing Mothers Day… also we know you’re the favorite… but lets keep that between us okay?
  • So… for the week of Mothers Day (May 2-7)
  • Sign up for a Spa Wellness Membership or spend $100 in gift certificates and you can pick any candle at the spa to keep for free.
  • Shop in our boutique and we’ll add 20% of what you spend on account at the spa.
  • Love, Gen
    P.S. Feel free to buy yourself a gift certificate too – you totally deserve it. We can put it on your spa account, and for every $100 you spend you’ll get a candle. So if you spend $200 you can take 2 candles – get it?

May Specials


  • Shop in our boutique and we’ll add 20% of what you spend on account at the spa!
  • Get any Dream Time* product and a 55 min massage for $99 (yes you can put the massage on account or get a gift certificate too.) *Dream Time is a line of products we sell in our boutique. Like our neck wraps, eye masks, back wrap and foot booties. They range from $25-45 – FYI.
  • Also… for the month of May we encourage you to enjoy “couples” services. Come with your mom, daughter, partner or friend, and we will give you BOTH a free session on our BEMER mat. If you didn’t know, we offer couples massage as well as side by side pedicures. Call 727-441-1711 to make your appointment today.



  • The BEMER is a mat you lay on that improves restricted circulation in the smallest blood vessels.
  • What is BEMER good for? Well… everything! Because with improved circulation brings more nutrition, oxygen and white blood cells to the tissue. Also, it carries away waste more efficiently.
  • How does it work? BEMER sends energy into the body that speeds up circulation, even in the smallest veins. In nerd-speak: it uses a unique signal transmitted into the body via an electromagnetic field, also known as “pulsed electro-magnetic energy field – PEMF, for short. This stimulates the circulatory system.
  • Here is what people have reported…
  • Pain and joint relief
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Stress and tension relief
  • Quicker healing (as it supports your body’s own process)
  • Improves endurance (great for athletes)
  • Helps make the body more alkaline
  • Better sleep
  • By the way, this device is FDA cleared to be safe for use.
  • So, have I peaked your curiosity? Then you should come check it out! Come in, it takes only 8 minutes. Session are $10 each and you can buy 12 sessions for $100.

    P.S. Are you a monthly spa member? Then your first BEMER session is FREE! Yup, just a perk for being a member. What is the monthly spa membership? Click here for more details.

**One offer per new client. Cannot be combined with other discounted services, packages or specials.** **Please mention this special when you scheduling your appointment. In order to redeem this special pricing you need to click through the link and fill out information and then print the offer**