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make up brushes

#1 Mistake You Are Making With Your Make up.

Make up can be a girl’s best friend. We use make up to enhance and accentuate our features. One of the most important tools we use to apply our make up is our make up brushes! That can be eye … Learn More

Water – Does a Body Good.

Everyone knows water is vital to our survival. It’s easy to slip into the habit of not drinking enough. Our bodies are composed of 60% water and we actually should be drinking 9 to 13 cups a day! Here are some explanations … Learn More

Why Clarisonic?

Washing your face is an everyday routine, which most people don’t put too much thought into. Most people think as long as you wash your face twice a day, it doesn’t matter. What you use to wash your face and … Learn More
eye treatment

Why Do I Have Dark Circles?

  Dark Circles Have you noticed dark circles under your eyes? You may be wondering what they are and how to handle them. Having bags under your eyes can give you an aged appearance, possibly more than wrinkles and grey … Learn More
Salt Scrub

Sugar vs Salt Scrub

Body polishes are one of the least talked about spa services. When people think about going to a spa what typically comes to mind is nail services, waxing, and massage therapy. Many people have never heard of body polishes, but … Learn More
Happy and stress free

Happy = Beautiful

Beauty emanates from within- a common saying, yet a truthful one. Happiness and positive energy have a strong influence on beauty. If you are stress free and full of life, everyone will know just by looking at you. This idea … Learn More

Ingrown Hairs Explained

Have you ever noticed bumps appearing in areas where your body typically grows thick hair or where you’ve recently shaved? Could it be acne, or a rash? Actually, it’s probably an ingrown hair! Ingrown hairs are hairs that curl back … Learn More

The Importance of Eye Care

The eyes are the main focal point of your face. How we express our emotions has a lot to do with our eyes. If you have bags under your eyes, it can give you a tired appearance. Wrinkles around your … Learn More

Soy Candles Vs Other Candles

Soy Candles Vs Other Candles If you are like me, you love candles. The smell can change the entire mood in your space and the dancing light can add a wonderful glow to the room. I don’t care how hectic … Learn More
Massage, Facial, Spa

5 Things To Look For When Choosing a Day Spa

So you’re new to town, and you’re wondering where to go for some soothing relaxation and beauty treatment. You’re looking for a day spa, but not just any day spa, you’re looking for quality. There are a 5 tips you … Learn More
skin care image

Retinol Simply Explained… And Something NEW That Really Works!

You may find in many creams and lotions an ingredient called Retinol. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. It’s called Retinol because it helps make the pigments in the retina of the eye.   If you didn’t know, Vitamin … Learn More
nails spa

Which Manicure Do I Choose?

Everyone loves having their nails done. There’s something gratifying about having the nails groomed and painted with a shiny color that we just love looking down at. There are several different types of manicures to choose from, and sometimes it … Learn More
pretty girl 2

Eyebrows – 5 Things That Make You Prettier

Let’s face it, we all have those days where we don’t look or feel as pretty as we usually do. Eyebrows can make a huge difference, I’ve got a few tricks for you… #1 Get beautiful eyebrows by shaping them … Learn More

What is Rosacea?

More than 16 million American’s suffer from a skin condition called rosacea; many of them don’t even know they have it! The tricky thing about rosacea is that no one really knows what causes it. So what is rosacea? Rosacea … Learn More
Vit C

Skin Care: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important vitamin when it comes to skin care, we all know that. We see it everywhere in skin care, promoting it’s de-aging benefits. But did you know…   1) You need vitamin C to build collagen. … Learn More

What To Do With Your Lashes

What To Do With Your Lashes Lashes are something that identifies a woman as feminine. When you look at cartoons often this is the attribute that signifies – girl.  The longer, thicker and more full the lash, the more beautiful … Learn More
massage 1

Don’t Keep Secrets From Your Massage Therapist

Do you want a good massage or a GREAT massage?   In the immortal words of the Spice Girls, tell me what you want, what you really, really want!   Communication makes all the difference between a good and an … Learn More

Why Toner is Important To Your Skin Care

There are a lot of misconceptions about toner. A lot of you don’t know what it is or why this step is important in your skin care regime. To not tone your skin is to not finish washing your face … Learn More

Brazilian Waxing – What you need to know before you bare it all

The Low-Down on Brazilian Waxing Living in Florida means it’s bikini season almost year round. Being a spa near Clearwater Beach, we know that waxing is a necessity for every woman. For first timers, getting a wax “down there” can … Learn More
Megan Fox brow

Eyebrow TIPS and TRICKS

I am obsessed with eyebrows. Maybe it was because I grew up with one eyebrow my entire childhood. My mom was not very up-to-date in the way of beauty and grooming and she had no idea that there was something … Learn More

Exfoliation – The Answer to a Great Complexion

Sad as this is to admit, my complexion sometimes takes a turn for the less-than-optimal. I’m quick to blame the humid weather living here Clearwater, Florida, my hormones, but the truth is there’s something I drop out of my routine … Learn More
Spa treatments for men

Men Go To Spas Too

I am often asked if I get any men that come to my spa. The answer is, “of course! It’s time for a little bit of spa history… Spa culture has been evolving throughout the centuries. It dates back to … Learn More
sleep, rest

Improve Sleep and Reduce Stress

Would you like to know how to Improve your sleep and reduce stress ? Ever hear of magnesium oil? I know what you’re thinking,  “What the heck is that? Well, recently one of my massage therapists (Donni) started talking about … Learn More
Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Lash Extensions

First, watch this 1 minute time-lapse lash extension video… Learn More

The Benefits of Massage – The Low Down on Getting Rubbed Down.

The Healing Touch Massage therapy has been used as a therapeutic measure for thousands of years across cultures around the world. The mental and physical benefits promoted through massage are numerous…         Mental benefits include: A calm … Learn More
Sauna - Infrared

Infrared vs Traditional Saunas – Let’s turn up the heat!

Infrared Vs. Traditional Sauna Traditional saunas and infrared saunas are used for many of the same benefits: to relax, loosen-up stiff joints and tight muscles, detoxification, and pain relief. What is infrared? Learn More
DIY cleaner

Natural Cleaning Products Suck

Okay, so sometimes I’m bad and I don’t use natural cleaning products; all-natural, chemical-free, organic, vegan, gluten free, and non toxic house natural cleaning products. Sometimes I actually want my house to be clean and I use Windex and bleach. … Learn More

Deodorant or Antiperspirant – Which should you choose?

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant This has been a topic of discussion for many years now since word came out that aluminum and parabens (a common cosmetic preservative) were linked to breast cancer. Alternative options and “all natural” products are making their … Learn More
miracle ball

Can Miracle Balls Replace Massage Therapy?

What Are Miracle Balls?   Miracle Balls are therapeutic balls that help relieve tension in the body by simply placing them beneath you in key spots as you lie and breath. It’s as though you have a massage therapist holding … Learn More