Relaxation Massage


  • This light to medium pressure massage is ideal for those seeking stress relief and relaxation. Includes therapy towels and an aroma inhale|exhale.

Price: $95/50min. | $135/80min.
Hot Stone Massage


  • Heated basalt stones can help ease tense muscles and relieve stress. During this massage these natural stones are both massaged and placed on specific areas to help soothe and help achieve total relaxation.

Price: $125/50min. | $165/80min.


  • Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing practice where a practitioner channels the intelligent energy to flow exactly where it is needed. (Please note that the 50 minute session does not include any massage work.*)

Price: $110/50min.* | $160/80min. | $210/110min.

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue

Therapeutic Massage


  • This massage is for anyone that needs more than relaxation. We use medium to firm pressure to help address areas of concern. We include a heated towel and may add therapy balms, and/or massage tools to really get to stubborn areas.

Price: $105/50min. | $145/80min.
Cupping Massage


  • Utilizing cups to create suction and manipulate the tissue, cupping pulls toxins, reduces inflammation, loosens scar tissue and increases circulation. Helps with deep muscular issues, increases range of motion and is effective on cellulite.

Price: $125/50min.
Fascia Blasting


  • An incredibly effective therapeutic massage that helps correct the overall posture and structure of the body using a specific fascia tool. The massage begins first with warming the tissue, while this is happening we perform a neck, scalp and/or face massage. Then we address any bound fascia.

Price: $130/50min. | $170/80min.
Warm Bamboo Massage


  • This deeply relaxing yet therapeutic massage utilizes warmed bamboo to massage, knead and work tense muscles. The warmth of the bamboo helps relax and unwind, helping the massage therapist achieve deeper and greater work done.

Price: $125/50min. | $165/80min.
Thai Massage


  • An ancient practice that consists of the body being pulled, compressed and rocked in order to increase flexibility and mobility. In this massage you will wear lounge or yoga attire. Great for those that are sensitive to massage oils or lotion.

Price: $165/80min.
Amethyst Massage


  • This massage begins by laying on a special mat constructed of superconducting channels of pure amethyst, which allow far infrared rays and negative ions to penetrate the body deeply. Helps to boost immunity, increase circulation and relax muscles. We also incorporate therapeutic massage tools and products so we can address knots and tension.

Price: $125/50min. | $165/80min.


Botanica's Signature Massage


  • This customized massage treatment includes a warm infrared amethyst blanket, detoxifying mud back treatment, warm stone massage for the legs, magnesium foot treatment, scalp massage with heated hair mask and ends with a full body salt scrub.

Price: $200/80min.
Couples Massage


  • Our couples massage is a relaxation massage for you and your loved one together in our couples suite. We also include a magnesium foot treatment, therapy towels and end with locally made chocolates. (therapeutic pressure available for an upgrade)

Price: $240/50min.| $320/80min.
Prenatal Massage


  • Massage for those in or past their second trimester of pregnancy. We have set the massage table up with extra body pillows and/or pillow wedges so you can relax. This massage also includes a tension relief foot treatment. (contraindicated for first trimester)

Price: $105/50min.| $145/80min.