Botanica's Signature Massage


*Not for pregnant or expecting mothers.

  • This customer massage includes a warm infrared and amethyst blanket; hot oil scalp treatment, aroma journey, mud treatment and full body salt scrub.

Price: $150/85min.

Botanica Custom Massage


  • Whether you need just a relaxation massage or a more therapeutic technique to alleviate the tension, we adapt our style to suit your needs. Packages are available.We are proud to have been voted best in Tampa Bay by Citysearch voters in this category.

Price: $45/25min. | $80/55min. | $120/85min. | $145/115min.

Hot Stone Massage


  • An incredible experience that lulls you into a deeply relaxed state while reduces stress. Warm smooth river rocks are glided over the body and left on specific points penetrate muscles and relieve tension.

Price: $100/55min. | $140/85min.

Warm Bamboo Massage


  • This deeply relaxing yet therapeutic massage utilizes warmed bamboo to massage, knead and work tense muscles. The warmth of the bamboo helps relax and unwind, helping the massage therapist get deeper and greater work done. 85 minutes recommended.

Price: $100/55min. | $140/85min. | $165/115min.

Couples Massage


  • Two people can enjoy a relaxation massage in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. Great for couples, mother and daughter or friends.

Price: $170/55min. | $250/85min. | $300/115min.

Prenatal Massage


  • Massage for pregnant women in their second trimester up till date of delivery. It eases the many discomforts associated with pregnancy.

Price: $50/25min. | $85/55min.



  • This relaxing foot treatment is based on the theory that organs and parts of the body have corresponding reflex points on the feet. Relieves tension and relaxes the entire body.

Price: $45/25min. | $80/55min. | $125/85min. | $150/115min.

Thai Fusion


  • This massage is a blend of our Thai massage and custom massage (best of both worlds.) It helps to relax the muscles before they are stretched by the therapist with the Thai technique. Great for everyone.

Price: $120/85min.

Cupping Massage


  • A twist on an ancient technique utilizing cups to create suction and manipulate the tissue. Pulls toxins, reduces inflammation, loosens scar tissue and increases circulation. Helps with deep muscular issues, increases range of motion and effective on cellulite.

Price: $99/55min.

Thai Massage


  • "Lazy Person's Yoga" This massage is best described as assisted stretching or passive yoga. The therapist works to increase flexibility and range of motion. *Done fully clothed. Please wear comfy clothes such as yoga/workout attire

Price: $65/40min. | $140/85min.

Fascia Massage


  • This massage incorporates the use of the Fascia Blaster to help break up and smooth out the fascia. Helps lessen the look of cellulite, breaks down fat, improves muscle performance, reduces pain, improves blood flow and lymph drainage and accelerates muscle recovery.

Price: $55/25min. | $99/55min.

Massage Boosters:


Consider Adding One of These Boosters to Enhance your Massage.

  • Amethyst Blanket – $10
  • Salt Scrub – $30 (adds an extra 15 min)
  • Scalp Massage Treatment $25 (adds an extra 15 min)