We are proud to offer plant and marine based skin care. The skin care lines we use are free of mineral oil, parabens, alcohol, lanolin, PABA, sodium laurylsulfate, artificial colors and dyes.

80 Minute Facials

Rose Quartz Facial


  • This luxurious facial is deeply cleansing and includes microdermabrasion or dermaplaning. We perform a targeted lifting and toning massage, oxygen and we end with a hand-sewn gemstone mask made from hundreds of real rose quartz crystals. This mask works to reduce puffiness, promotes lymphatic drainage, calm and soothe the skin.

Lift + Glow Facial


  • This facial utilizes micro current – a natural current that “exercises” the facial muscles to give a toned and lifted appearance. Includes a targeted facial massage as well as dermaplaning for that glow.

Mermaid Face + Body Treatment


  • We begin the treatment with a light dry brushing on the skin to increase blood flow. Then we apply a detoxifing seaweed body mask to your entire body. While you’re wrapped we perform a facial that includes dermaplaning, vitamin C, mineralizing seaweed as well as a warm coconut scalp massage. Then we end with a sea salt scrub with warm coconut oil.

Cloud Facial


  • Wonderful for all skin types, especially dehydrated. We begin the facial with cleansing and then go into a targeted lifting massage. We then infuse your skin with our naturally sourced hyaluronic acid and oxygen. We end with our cooling “Cloud Mask.” Your skin is left brightened, tighter and hydrated.


50 Minute Facials

Caviar Facial


  • For all skin types except acne or ultra sensitive
  • This anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract, and a revolutionary blend of phyto extracts called Escutox. Improving wrinkles, elasticity, and texture, this luxurious facial increases skin oxygenation and suppleness while reducing signs of aging.

Spa Facial


  • For all skin types.
  • This classic offers exfoliation, steam, deep pore cleansing, facial massage, and a facial mask chosen by our skin care professional.
  • Recommended every 4 weeks.

Deep Exfoliation Facial


  • This treatment is aimed to thoroughly address dead skin buildup and dullness. We customize your facial to include either Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion or a Lactic Acid Peel.
  • Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) with the use of a sterile scalpel. Brightens complexion and allows for better absorption of products.
  • Microdermabrasion is a process where small crystals are sprayed onto the skin while simultaneously being vacuumed back up. It helps stimulate collagen production, circulation and great for those with congested pores.
  • Our Lactic Acid is naturally derived and works to break down the “glue” that keeps dead skin attached. Relatively gentle and great for those in search of a glow.
  • $125
Stem Cells Facial


  • For all skin types except acne.
  • Helps to visibly reduce lines and wrinkle depth, smooths skin surface and naturally repairs skin. Sourced from plant stem cells of comfrey and argan to naturally repair skin

Collagen Induction Therapy


  • For all skin types except acne, ultra sensitive or expecting mothers
  • Also known as “Micro Needling”, we create channels in the skin using a special needling pen which trigger the skin’s own repair system. Collagen and elastin are stimulated and treats acne scars and signs of aging.
  • Recommended in a series.

Vitamin Facial


  • This deeply nourishing and repairing treatment begins with deep cleansing, a purifying exfoliation and the application of the nurturing oil rich in vitamins A and E which is gently massaged into the skin. A unique thermal mask infused with mint and lavender is then applied to the skin immediately increasing the circulation as it becomes soothingly warm and then refreshingly cool. Excellent for all skin types especially those with dry, dehydrated skin.

Rosacea Soothing Facial


  • For all rosacea and sensitive skin types.
  • This soothing and hydrating treatment brings visual relief and results to congestion and blotchiness through the healing ingredients of green tea leaves and chamomile. Includes dermaplaning.

Emerald Seaweed Facial


  • During this facial, we deeply cleanse your skin, massage in a brightening vitamin C serum and follow it with a mineralizing green seaweed mask. Great for all skin types, even sensitive and especially for those seeking a bright complexion.