Manicures and Pedicures


Shellac Manicure


  • This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears for up to 14 days of high gloss shine, and is removed in minutes. Includes a dry manicure of cuticle removal and nail shaping prior to shellac application. And finally a relaxing hand massage.

Price: $40/30min.



  • A perfect, classic manicure: Includes nail shaping, cuticle removal, hand massage and polish.

Price: $30/30min.

Signature Manicure


  • This treatment begins with a vitamin infused hand massage followed with a sea salt scrub and then a Russian manicure. It is completed with a hydrating mask and cream application. Champagne is included.

Price: $70/55min.




  • Enjoy a truly unique and relaxing pedicure every time you come in. Includes a foot soak, exfoliating foot scrub, callus removal, nail shaping, cuticle work, relaxing warm stone massage and perfect polish.

Price: $55/55min.

Shellac Pedicure


  • This is our Botanica pedicure with gel polish applied. It wears longer, is dry instantly and keeps that high shine.

Price: $65/55min.

Express Pedicure


  • For the person on the go, a mini version of our Botanica Pedicure fit to your hectic schedule. Includes foot soak, scrub, nail trimming and filing, and finished with polish.

Price: $35/25min.

Signature Botanica Pedicure


  • Our pedicure is enhanced with a much longer foot massage, a refreshing mask to infuse hydration, champagne, and chocolates! It also includes an eye treatment, shellac polish and hot towels.

Price: $100/85min.

Extras for your hand and foot treatments.


  • $20 – Polish Change
  • $10-20 – Dip Removal
  • $5-10 – Shellac Removal*
  • $6 – French Polish

*We are set up to remove soft gel** only. Hard gel*** requires the use of a drill. If you have hard gel be sure to have this removed before your appointment. If your removal takes an excessive amount of time it may result in a shortened spa service.

**Soft gel has elongated structures with gaps in between, allowing it to be broken down and removed by acetone.

***Hard gel has tightly woven structures, which makes it very strong and durable, and not affected by acetone.

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