Hair Removal

Hair Removal
  • We mix and apply a special dye to the hairs to enhance the color.

    Then an all-natural warmed wax is applied to excess hairs and removed.

    *We recommend avoiding the use of retinol, peels, and exfoliants for a few days before and after a brow wax.

Price: $40
  • Special dye is applied to this area to enhance features.

Price: $20/15min.
  • For $44/month, you get one Brazilian bikini wax a month.

    *one time signup fee of $30

  • *annual renewal fee of $15

Price: $48/month
  • Our Brazilian Bikini waxes are performed without the double dipping of the wax stick. A new stick is used every time throughout the wax treatment to ensure the utmost hygiene.

  • We use both soft and hard wax. Please let us know if you have a preference when scheduling your appointment.

Price: $55+
  • $22 – Brow

    $15 – Lip, Chin or Cheek

    $60 – Full Face

    $10- Nose

    $25 – Under Arms

    $35 – Half Arm

    $45 – Full Arm

    $45 – Half Leg

    $65 – Full Leg

    $35 – Bikini

    $50 & up – Back

    $30 & up – Chest

    $30 & up – Stomach

    Hair Removal Tips

    No sun, steam or sauna prior to treatment.

    No salt scrub to follow.

    No facial waxing if you are a Retin-A, Accutane or Renova user.

    It is recommended you stop the use of retin-a or retinol for a few days up to a week before your wax to avoid sensitivity. Do NOT wax if you are currently using Accutane.

See our Spa Policies.

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