Enter into a space of tranquility and rejuvenation when you come to the warm, inviting, and trendy Botanica Day Spa! Located within downtown Clearwater, FL, you can head to our spa before zipping up and over the bridge to Clearwater Beach looking and feeling your best!  We help people realize the importance of visiting a spa and that it’s not just for splurging, but that going on a regular basis is both healthy for your mind and body wellness. With seasoned professionals at Botanica, we make sure that your personal consultation before your appointment begins is give with the best advice for a customized treatment or service for your benefit!

When you’re stressed, a massage is one of the best ways to relieve tension, headaches, and other results of stress that can hamper your day to day activities, including weakening your immune system! You don’t have to suffer from aches, pain, and stress-induced issues when you can feel relief and renewed energy, not to mention peace of mind, from going to Botanica Day Spa!

With a wide range of spa services at Botanica Day Spa, it’ll become your home away from home in no time! At Botanica, you are part of the family of clients we appreciate and take care of with our amazing team of spa professionals. It is our privilege and aim to welcome you to your own little paradise, even if for only an hour or two, where you will feel invigorated and refreshed by the end of your appointment!

Check out Botanica’s spa packages below for the ultimate trip to the spa, no matter how big or small you choose from! And don’t forget to browse our boutique shop at the front of the spa for trinkets, jewelry, candles, essential oils, skin care, and beauty products, plus local gifts and knickknacks that make the perfect present for any occasion! You can also give the delights of Botanica Day Spa to others with a gift certificate to share more memorable visits here!

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  • Nurture – 5 hrs – $525

  • Tranquility – 4.5 hrs – $425



Removing dead or damaged skin is the first step to making way for a healthier, more radiant complexion. Of course, there are about three billion (we’ve counted) ways to do it: sand, salt, chemicals, lasers, dry brushes—you name it. But it’s not just a total grab-bag of resurfacing.  Physical exfoliation—literal “abrasion”—is a surefire way to . . .

how to strengthen your nails

If you’ve ever gotten acrylics, you’re likely well aware of just how much the extensions can alter your nail appearance and health. On one hand, fresh acrylics make nails look long and strong. On the other, once removed, they can leave your nails not only looking brittle but feeling weak, too. As such, you may . . .

dry brushing for cellulite

If you’ve ever searched for at-home skin care remedies, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across dry brushing before. Dry brushing—known as garshana—is the Ayurvedic practice of massaging dry skin for health. The beauty of the technique is that it takes very little in terms of both tools and effort to bring about soothing, skin-enhancing . . .