Acne Clear Up Treatment

Acne Clear Up Treatment

Acne is one of the most troubling and embarrassing skin conditions an individual can suffer from, and it can range from very mild to severe cases. Not only can it be unsightly, it can also be uncomfortable, not to mention difficult to resolve.

While acne is most likely to arise in the teenage years, there are many adults who continue to suffer from acne in their twenties, thirties and beyond. It can be exhausting to deal with acne, especially since there are a multitude of products on the market that promise results but rarely deliver fully or for as long as desired. Fortunately, a professional facial treatment for acne delivered at a spa can actually work to address the root of the problem and clear up one’s acne problems.

Acne Facial Treatment

When considering acne facial treatments, it’s important to recognize that each individual who suffers from acne has their own specific reasons for suffering from this condition. The absolute best facial treatment for acne is therefore the one that addresses the individual’s specific skin issues and includes deep anti-bacterial cleansing of the pores and tissues in order to eliminate excess oils and stimulate healthy circulation.

Prior to any facial acne treatment, the aesthetician will ask you important questions about your skin, your skin care regimen and your beauty products. This will help them to understand your acne issues, as well as what may possibly be contributing to or aggravating these issues.

It’s important that you’re entirely open and honest during this consultation, as there may be subtle things contributing to your condition that you aren’t aware of and because there are some types of skin care products that do not react well to acne facial treatments. Your aesthetician will not only be able to design the best acne facial treatment for your individual needs, they may also have valuable advice about changes you can make at home to help reduce or even eliminate your acne issues.

There may be some rare instances where an individual’s acne problem is so severe that a spa acne facial treatment is inappropriate, and the individual should seek the advice of a dermatologist. A professional aesthetician will be able to determine if this is the case and make the necessary recommendations.

Acne Treatment at Botanica

Even with proper home care and regular, deep-cleansing facials at the spa, the fact is that you can still experience sudden and embarrassing acne flare-ups. Fortunately, there is a solution that can address and resolve these flare-ups quickly and effectively–the Botanica Day Spa Acne Clear Up Treatment. This fifteen minute treatment is perfect for addressing the exact cause behind sudden acne flare-ups as it involves the application of a strong peel that aggressively works to kill bacteria and dry up blemishes.

For the Acne Clear Up Treatment, the aesthetician will first cleanse your face and then use an herbal exfoliator in order to remove any dead skin cells that may be coating your skin and clogging your pores. She will then apply a thin layer of the peel treatment, and approximately five minutes later apply another thin layer of the peel treatment. Once the peel has dried, the treatment is complete.

You will see immediate, wonderful results following your Acne Clear Up Treatment, but it is highly advisable that you follow up with proper home care and additional treatments as necessary. It is best to receive this treatment in the late afternoon since your skin will be very dry and it will continue to peel for some time after leaving the spa.

An afternoon treatment will also help to limit your sun exposure, which is very important. Your aesthetician will encourage you to drink plenty of water in order to help with the detoxification process, and schedule follow-up treatments as necessary to ensure the flare-up is truly resolved.

For more information about this and other skin care treatments and products or to schedule your appointment for an Acne Clear Up Treatment, please contact us today.


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