Microcurrent Facial Therapy

Microcurrent Facial Therapy

There are many things we seek to achieve through our skin care, not the least is which is the most dramatic and long-lasting results with the most natural methods possible. Many of our efforts are directed toward skin rejuvenation so that we can recreate the flawless, radiant, firm skin of our youth. Fortunately, we have many options, not the least of which are facials with microcurrent therapy.

Microcurrent Therapy in Skin Care

Microcurrent facial therapy is a completely natural way to exercise the facial muscles so as to achieve many of the same desirable results as a facelift, including a lifted and toned complexion, reduced puffiness and tightened pores. The anti-aging benefits of microcurrent therapy are endless, as it is safe for all skin types, an entirely painless treatment and it can help to eradicate both fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously firming your skin and helping to define your natural features.

A microcurrent facial is so named because low-voltage electrical currents, which are much like your body’s natural electrical currents, are applied on a cellular level. For those who may be concerned about the effects of introducing electrical currents to their skin and face, it’s important to recognize that these currents are so very small that one would actually need a million microcurrent machines to power a forty-watt light bulb. As the two prongs of the machine are placed in contact with your skin you may experience a slight tingling sensation that many individuals find to be incredibly stimulating and relaxing.

The electrical charge provided by a microcurrent facial stimulates blood circulation, collagen, and elastin production, which can allow your skin to repair itself more thoroughly. This makes it an absolutely ideal facial treatment for any individual who wants to improve the overall appearance of their skin, whether they feel they are suffering from the effects of skin aging or something else. Prior to the treatment, a professional aesthetician will perform a skin evaluation and consultation in order to determine what your skin concerns are and how microcurrent facial therapy can best address them.

In addition to the use of the microcurrent machine, the microcurrent facial includes many of the other wonderful and pleasurable benefits of a traditional facial, including deep cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing and massage. Because a microcurrent facial is natural, there is no “downtime” or healing time, and you should see pretty immediate results. You may notice that your skin appears tighter, firmer and more hydrated, your cheekbones look more beautifully pronounced, your jawline looks more well-defined, and your eyes look younger and brighter. You will be able to go about your normal day with the more youthful-looking skin you love to show off. That said, you will want to return for further treatments so as to extend these wonderful results, as the desirable effects of microcurrent facial therapy are cumulative. Ten to fifteen treatments within the first six weeks, followed by three-month maintenance treatments, can help to ensure that you see the most and the longest-lasting improvements.

It is worthwhile to note that along with the increased interest in the many benefits of microcurrent facial therapy, there has been an evolution in at-home microcurrent machines to keep your skin looking fresh and new since the day you left the spa. If you are interested in achieving the absolute best results possible from this natural, wondrous treatment, go to a professional so they can assess your specific skin condition and issues and provide the treatment that will work best for you.


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