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Skin Care3 Steps to Determining Your Skin Type

3 Steps to Determining Your Skin Type

As we are all well aware, there is an abundance of skincare products available on the market today.  From natural to organic products, quick fixes to even supposed “miracles”, the choices can be overwhelming.  Some women get lost trying product after product, hoping that one of them will eventually resolve the skincare issues they are most frustrated about.  Fortunately, there is an easier way.

Determining Your Skin Type

Choosing products that are specifically formulated for your skin type will always give you the best chance of achieving the results you desire.  And while you may think you know your skin type, it’s important to verify this prior to purchasing specific products.  Products that are wrong for your skin type can create additional, undesirable issues.

To determine your skin type you should:

1. Wash your face.  Thoroughly wash all the makeup, oil and dirt off your face, just as you would prior to going to bed.

2. Wait for two hours.  Refrain from touching or applying any sort of products to your face, even natural products.  This will give your skin time to adjust to its natural state.

3. Look at your face.  Once your skin has returned to its natural state, you can determine its characteristics.  Normal skin has no signs of flaking or oiliness.  It feels smooth and normal.  Oily skin looks shiny and may feel slick to the touch.  It is often plagued by breakouts.  Dry skin feels tight and usually has flaky areas.  Combination skin is a mixture of the above types.  It normally has an oily T-Zone but is normal or dry everywhere else.

If your skin type is normal, you will want to stick to lightweight formulas, avoiding thick or heavy products.  If your skin type is oily, you will want to stick to gel and liquid formulas and avoid those will heavy emollient textures.  If your skin type is dry, you will want to nourish your skin with lotions and creams and avoid irritating ingredients.  If your skin type is combination, you will want to target the oily areas with gels and liquids and soothe the dry areas with light lotions and serums.

Regardless of your specific skin type, there are numerous solutions available for those skin conditions that you find irritating.  From home remedies for oily skin to dry skin remedies to even tips for dealing with combination skin, there are ways to achieve the beautiful skin you truly desire.



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