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Skin Care6 Things to Avoid For Your Skin When You’re Pregnant

6 Things to Avoid For Your Skin When You’re Pregnant

There are many different things that can affect the overall health and appearance of your skin, not the least of which is the food you put in your body, the products you put on your skin and seasonal changes in the weather. In many cases, you can find a general skincare routine that works well for your skin, and that addresses any non-optimal skin issues that can arise. However, pregnancy can entirely change all of that and leave you feeling frustrated, confused and even concerned.

Pregnancy & Your Skin

It is not unusual for women to find pregnancy challenging, especially since they are experiencing a myriad of physical and hormonal changes. These changes can affect how your skin looks and reacts–so much so, in fact, those skincare routines that may have worked beautifully prior to your pregnancy, may not work well or at all during your pregnancy.

Furthermore, since what we put on our skin can be absorbed into the body, you want to ensure that you are maintaining a skin care routine that keeps both you and your baby safe during pregnancy. While it is very important that you check with your doctor in order to determine what is appropriate for you, the following are some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to skincare during pregnancy:

  • Don’t take oral retinoids, and be careful with the use of topical retinoids. Since large amounts of vitamin A can be harmful during pregnancy and retinoids are a type of vitamin A, it would be best to use them carefully or avoid them altogether as well.
  • Don’t use salicylic acid in large quantities. This is another product that is wise to use sparingly or even not at all if you are pregnant. It’s understandable that the sudden outbreak of acne during pregnancy can be disconcerting, even though it is fairly common, and that salicylic acid is considered a go-to acne solution.
  • Don’t get too much sun. In much the same way that soy and estrogen can worsen dark spots on your skin during pregnancy, so too can the sun. Avoiding excessive sun exposure during pregnancy can also help to ensure that you don’t become dangerously overheated.
  • Do test out skin care products before using them broadly. Pregnancy can make your skin far more sensitive than it was before, which means that products that once worked well on your skin may suddenly irritate it during pregnancy. Testing topical products on small areas of your skin can help you determine whether they are going to be beneficial or irritating–before larger areas of your skin have been exposed.
  • Do consider all-natural skin care products. All-natural skin care products are always a wise choice, and this is especially true during pregnancy. Not only are they safer during pregnancy, they are designed to be gentler on the skin, which is perfect for the more sensitive skin you have during pregnancy.
  • Do consider receiving a prenatal massage. While a massage may not seem like a solution to skin issues during pregnancy, the fact is that it can relieve many of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and allow you to relax on a very deep level. This can help your body to rest and detox properly which can prevent undesirable skin issues from arising.

While some skin issues may seem to be just a normal part of any pregnancy, taking the right action can help to greatly mitigate–or in some cases even entirely prevent–undesirable situations. A very well-deserved trip to the spa can pamper your hard-working body and help ensure that your skin is receiving the care it needs, in a way that is safe for your own and your baby’s health.



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