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AcupunctureHow Acupuncture for Wrinkles is the Latest Anti-Aging Salvation
acupuncture for wrinkles

How Acupuncture for Wrinkles is the Latest Anti-Aging Salvation

The personal choice to temper the physical signs of aging can take many forms. For those seeking a holistic approach to treating wrinkles, acupuncture within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system might be a treatment path to explore, especially if you are open to exploring the interconnectedness of overall health, lifestyle, and aesthetics. Acupuncture is a treatment known for increasing the circulation of chi, or the current of energy that flows through the body along pathways called meridians. 

Even though it has been used in eastern medicine for centuries, western medicine sidelined acupuncture as an “alternative” practice for years. Today, however, acupuncture is seen as an integrative approach to health and wellness by people of all cultures.

Perpetual tension, stress, squinting and other facial contractions will cause skin cells to be squeezed and wrinkles to form. TCM combats the signs of accelerated aging. The interrupted flow of energy in meridians can cause an impaired function of certain organs, including the skin. By stimulating the chi, or flow of energy in the face, you can help make wrinkles less visible.

Ahead, we provide an overview of how acupuncture can treat wrinkles for a smoother complexion and instant glow.

How It Works

Acupuncture on the face, known as facial rejuvenation, works by internally stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Both collagen and elastin work to tighten and plump the skin.

As we age, fibroblasts, or cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, cease to function as actively as they once did. According to a 2019 report by the International Dermal Institute, as collagen and elastin are produced at a slower rate, the skin can’t repair itself as easily. We also now know that the organization of protein that helps synthesize collagen and elastin changes, as the dermis loses 20% to 80% of its thickness during the aging process. As a result, the skin’s structure is affected, which is why, the report notes, “mature skin takes longer to assume its original position when extended or pulled.”

Acupuncture can manipulate the connective tissue in the face. When we age, the connective tissue starts to get stuck in different places. To compensate for this loss in mobility, acupuncture, in conjunction with massage, gets the connective tissue moving again. As a result, the face can retake the shape it was originally made to have.

When the “hair-thin needles” are inserted, they cause micro-trauma to the skin. The subcutaneous injury by the needles prompts the body’s natural immune response to repair the micro-trauma, similar to when you get a cut or a scratch.

The results, create a beautiful boost of these important elements we tend to lose by the connective tissue build-up that makes up wrinkles.


With facial rejuvenation, as you stimulate the flow of chi in the body, you’re boosting circulation, which results in less inflammation. As a result, the facial muscles that begin to pull with the aging process, or the edges and ridges that fit along the cheekbones have the potential to restructure.

And, because you’re treating the flow of energy in the body, that not only do the fine lines and wrinkles heal, you also get a body treatment that will regulate and boost your blood and energy flow in the body. The shift you see in the face does last, depending on the age of the person and the types of wrinkles.

How to Prepare

With acupuncture, you’re treating the body holistically, so be prepared for your practitioner to address your health and lifestyle as a whole.

Come in to treatment without any makeup, and also recommends avoiding Botox, fillers, or any type of injectable for at least five weeks before treatment.

What to Expect During the Treatment

Expect to do an initial intake with your acupuncturist, especially if this is the first time you’re seeing a particular practitioner. Expect to talk more than facial lines with your practitioner. When people come in for facial rejuvenation or facial acupuncture not only do we talk about what they’re looking for, we talk about diet, stress, and hydration, plus how the body supports us and carries us through to get a sense of how we age. The goal is to balance and strengthen the whole system.

The face is a micro-system for the body, and each part of the face corresponds to a different organ. The forehead is associated with the stomach, so if you’re experiencing consistent breakouts, it might be helpful to examine diet. The chin is associated with hormones, the area beneath the eyes corresponds to the kidneys, and the space between the eyebrows is related to the liver. We use a face map to see where your body tends to experience any ailment. We look at wrinkles, hydration, dullness, darkness and tightness.

Depending on what the face is giving us, in terms of signs and symptoms, we’ll assess whether to treat the effects of aging or other areas that require support.

The actual hour-long treatment begins with an application of a natural skin care product, followed by gua sha and facial massage. You will then receive the needle application on the face and body, which lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. During this time, you get to relax and can sometimes drift off into sleep. You don’t have to keep totally still or worry about the needles falling out.

Your practitioner will come back, remove the needles, apply another layer of skin care, and perform gentle facial cupping or soft tissue massage and prep your face for the day.

Side Effects

There may be slight bleeding or bruising from the application of the needle, which is not cause for concern and will heal within a couple of days.

Neck pain from sitting at a computer all day is associated with the pulling of facial muscles that can result in wrinkles. Minor lifestyle adjustments can help shift the way the face ages.


There isn’t much aftercare required, however, try avoiding any filler or botox and stay hydrated. Everything else as far as showering, diet, and medication is normal.


To see noticeable results, we recommend 10 sessions. Depending on the stubbornness of the wrinkles, we may recommend more.

We suggest a series of appointments twice a week for eight weeks.

Final Takeaway

One of the major benefits of exploring acupuncture to treat wrinkles is the inherent self-care associated with the practice. As opposed to a stressful or painful procedure that seeks to fix perceived flaws, acupuncture is a calm-inducing and centering treatment that leaves you feeling rested and rejuvenated, with a sense that you’re nurturing the body you inhabit. The added aesthetic benefits are just icing on the cake!

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