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My Botanica StoryAlex’s #My Botanica Story

Alex’s #My Botanica Story

I heard about Botanica Day Spa through a friend who suggested I apply as an on-call massage therapist. When I first entered the spa, I was impressed with its peaceful and relaxing ambiance; its aesthetics were everything that a day spa should be. I immediately knew that I would love to work here on more than just an on-call basis. Following my interview, Botanica asked me to begin helping out the very next week. I continued working on-call until Gen asked me to work as a full-time team member. I was super excited and thrilled for this opportunity. I had finally found a place that was a perfect fit for me.

To ensure that my skills are always at their best, I furthered my education by getting my Full Specialist license and received additional training on the application of Eye Lash Extensions. It has been a highly rewarding experience for me to be well-versed in all the services of the spa. I can confidently recommend and explain all the services offered at the spa, because I have learned and performed all of them.

My favorite service to perform is our Hot Stone Massage. It's such an amazing massage! I love being able to combine the hot stones and therapeutic massage to help reduce tension and stress from the body to further benefit our clients.

I feel very blessed to work at Botanica. It has amazing services and products, along with a fabulous team that I am lucky enough to work alongside with every day.

-Alex Meyerdirk

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