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Acne TreatmentDermaplaning: Should You Take a Razor To Your Face?

Dermaplaning: Should You Take a Razor To Your Face?

What would you be willing to do in order to achieve youthful, radiant skin on your face?  You may already exfoliate it, protect it from the sun, use only the best skincare and beauty products on it, and even treat it to the occasional facial here at Botanica, but would you be willing to take a razor to it?

Beautiful, glowing skin is something that most women work hard to achieve and maintain, through a variety of techniques.  Needless to say, while some techniques may be beneficial to a woman’s skin health and beauty, other techniques may actually cause more harm than good.  It is important to carefully consider each technique to determine whether it will yield the results one truly desires, and never dismiss one without thoroughly considering its merits.

About Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is not a new beauty technique, but it is only recently becoming more widely known because a growing number of salons are now offering the service and celebrity endorsements have made it popular.  Dermaplaning consists of using a fine scalpel blade to scrape the surface of the face and neck in an effort to remove both dead skin and peach fuzz.  Experts consider this dead skin and peach fuzz to be the source of an individual’s dull complexion and undesirable skin conditions like clogged pores and acne.  By reducing the thickness of the dull outer layer of skin, dermaplaning seeks to correct undesirable skin conditions and increase the thickness of the underlying skin.  The fresh skin that is revealed through dermaplaning is more youthful and radiant in appearance, which is what makes the procedure so highly desirable.

Dermaplaning, when done properly, should be entirely painless as it seeks only to remove the dead skin that is on the surface of your face and neck.  Because your skin may be a little sensitive afterwards, it’s important to be attentive with your skincare routine. Be cautious when using harsh exfoliants and peels after dermaplaning.  It will be very well be worth it to take these extra precautions once one has achieved the beautiful results brought about by dermaplaning.

The Verdict

Various masks, exfoliating products and microdermabrasion can work to remove some of the clogged skin tissues on your face and neck, but it may not be as thorough or deep as one would truly desire.  Dermaplaning is not only safe and effective when performed by a trained professional; it is widely viewed as the most efficient way to slough off all of the dead tissue that is clogging the surface of your skin, making your skin more receptive to nutrients and beauty products.  Dermaplaned skin may also be more radiant and remain clearer for longer, allowing women to enjoy the beautiful, glowing skin they have always desired. To learn more about the benefits of dermaplaning, check out this fabulously informational article!



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