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FacialFacial Boosters: Why You Need To Be Adding These To Your Spa Treatment

Facial Boosters: Why You Need To Be Adding These To Your Spa Treatment

Giving your skin the break it needs with a facial is so important to the health and care of your face. Your face is exposed to more than you might think, with UB rays, layers of makeup, food oils, hand oils, and free radicals in the air like smog, smoke, etc. Your skin is a tough warrior, battling these on a daily basis. So, when you reward not only yourself but your skin, with a facial, it’s more than just an indulgence. Taking care of your skin well results in healthy, radiant, and younger for longer skin.

Benefits of a Facial

There are plenty of facial types to choose from, especially at Botanica Day Spa in Clearwater, FL. Our spa offers a wide range to cover every skin type, need, and remedy. From acne prone skin to filling in wrinkles, Botanica has them all, with marine and plant-based skin care to boot. Letting your skin breath and remove the dead skin cells, exfoliate it, and on occasion, a chemical peel can do wonders for the epidermis and subsequent layers of skin underneath.

If you’re looking to brighten, tighten, reduce dark spots, and overall just nurture your face, then you’re at the right place. At Botanica, we not only have the facial options you want, we also have the facial boosters you didn’t know you need. These are additions to the facial of your choice, for a small extra fee. To really care for and love your skin, adding a facial booster will jump your skin’s radiance and nourishment in leaps and bounds.

These are the facial boosters offered at Botanica spa for enhanced results:

·       Mini salt glow: this is a full body salt scrub with elements specifically targeted to exfoliate the skin and boost radiance for a superb, gorgeous glow.

·       Lactic Peel: using lactic acid, which is made from AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), this peel is wonderful for premature aging and sun damage.

·       Glycolic Treatment: Glycolic acid is derived from cane sugar and an active component in AHA’s, though instead of making your skin worse from the sugar, it penetrates the skin to treat fine lines, acne, oiliness, blackheads, and dullness. A lovely little perk up for your face, especially before an event, party, or special night!

·       Propolis: What is this, you might be asking? It’s the bee “glue” used by the little bumbles to adhere their hives together. Why is this in skin care? Propolis has healing, antiseptic, and restorative properties that when added to a facial can boost your skin in a number of ways!

·       Vitamin Booster: Choose from a Vitamin C booster or a combination of A (retinol), D, and E vitamins! A vitamin boost to your facial can do wonders and define your skin tone or start to repair any areas that are damaged. Vitamin C is a known element for brightening skin, fighting dark spots, and aiding in the production of collagen. Vitamin A is used as retinol, a super anti-aging fighter, with Vitamin D great for mimicking the nutrients of the sun, and Vitamin E for healing and soothing irritated skin.

If you give your skin the help it occasionally needs and know the importance of taking care of it, you will see a renewed, youthful face smiling back at you in the mirror!

Book a Facial with a Booster at Botanica

If you visit the facials service section on our website, you’ll be thrilled at the many choices we offer for a spa treatment. If you’re not sure which facial is right for you, don’t be afraid to call us and we can have one of our estheticians give you a brief consult on your skin concerns or current skin problems. We love our clients, new and veteran, and want you to have the best experience at our spa! Call us or book your facial appointment online and don’t forget to add that beneficial facial booster to it!



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