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Pedicure5 Reasons to Keep Your Feet Happy with Pedicures

5 Reasons to Keep Your Feet Happy with Pedicures

Our feet are a pretty fundamental part of our physical health, though it may not be the first body part we think of when we are considering our overall wellness. We sometimes take our feet for granted by being on them all day, not keeping the nails trimmed, and wearing uncomfortable shoes for the benefit of fashion (though there’s nothing wrong with adding to a fabulous outfit). We use our feet constantly to stand and move and if they are uncomfortable or unhealthy, it becomes very irritating to us. Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy more freedom with your feet and wear cute sandals, but it is also an important time to consider what things may actually be contributing to poor foot health, and then avoid them as much as possible.


1. Prevent and treat your dry, cracked heels.  Wearing open-backed shoes is one of the great joys of the summer season, but this actually allows the fat pad of the heel to spread, which leads to cracked skin. Exfoliating moisturizer and pumice stone treatments can help to smooth out dry summer heels, while antibiotic oil should be used to handle bleeding heels. If your heels are especially dry, it may be a sign of fungus, psoriasis, thyroid issues or diabetes and you should check with a podiatrist or dermatologist to verify if this is the case.

2. Rethink flip-flops.  Flip-flops may be comfortable and airy, but they normally do not provide adequate support and can, therefore, lead to stress fractures, heel pain, and tendonitis. Throwing on flip-flops for a trip to the beach is okay, but wearing them all day long is not the best choice.

3. Go barefoot with caution. Walking barefoot, especially on surfaces like soft grass and fine beach sand, can be pleasant and a nice break from wearing shoes, but it can also increase your risk of contracting viruses, fungus, and bacteria, which thrive in warm, moist environments.  Furthermore, your bare feet are not protected against splinters, broken glass and other dangers that we may not see. 

4. Ease sweaty feet.  Hot temperatures and sweaty feet usually go hand-in-hand, which unfortunately means there is an increased risk of picking up infections. Light cotton socks can help wick away excess moisture, as long as you change them out as soon as they get damp. You can also rinse your feet off throughout the day to help keep them clean, as well as use feet powders to absorb odors and sweat.

5. Get safe pedicures.  Pedicures are very enjoyable activities, especially during the summer, as long as they are done safely to help reduce or eliminate the risk of nail fungus, wart viruses and bacterial infections that can be transmitted through whirlpool tubs and nail tools.  You can aim toward safer pedicures by scheduling them at the beginning of the day and abstaining from shaving or waxing your legs for at least 24 hours beforehand. Choosing the right location for your pedicures is also important, as busier nail salons aren’t as sterile as a spa because of the rush to service people.

Allowing your feet some freedom during summertime is very enjoyable, but even during colder seasons, it’s best to keep your feet in mind to avoid any health issues with them. Scheduling a monthly pedicure for your feet can greatly increase the wellness and beauty of them, especially when you have Botanica spa to help them stay healthy and protected! Call and book your pedicure appointment with us today! (Ask us about the benefits of a Russian pedicure too.)



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