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how to have less oily skin

15 Ways To Have Less Oily Skin

If you have oily or combination skin, chances are good you struggle with the area on your face known as your t-zone. If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly your t-zone is, imagine drawing a “T” on your face. Your t-zone consists of your forehead, nose, and chin—and it’s an area that many of us struggle with. This area commonly has excess oil, acne, and blackheads, especially for people who have an oily or combination skin type.

Luckily, you can whip your face into shape and diminish the acne, oiliness, and blackheads that can be bothersome—it’s all about taking the proper steps in your skin care routine. Keep in mind that some people can have an oily t-zone and dry cheeks; that’s called combination skin. If that’s the case with your skin then be sure to use separate products for your t-zone and your cheeks. You don’t want to dry out your cheeks while clearing up the acne and blackheads in your t-zone!

Keep scrolling to learn how to care for your t-zone and banish excess oil for good!

  1. Wash Your Face Frequently and Regularly

If you have an oily t-zone—or any skin type for that matter—make sure that cleansing is part of your daily routine. Wash your face regularly, at least two times per day. This will help keep excess oil from building up on your skin, as well as remove impurities that build up throughout the day.

2. Use the Right Cleanser

If you’re dealing with excess oil, you’ll need to use a cleanser that’s meant specifically for oily skin in that area. While an oil-free cleanser is a good option, Frank recommends using a foam or gel cleanser and avoiding cream cleansers. These cleanser types are generally meant to provide a deeper clean, whereas cream cleanser tends to be a bit more hydrating, which won’t be helpful for your already oily t-zone.

3. Try a Powder Sunscreen

You can also help combat shine with the help of a powder sunscreen, rather than using a liquid or spray formula. One that contains zinc is a great option, because it eliminates the excess oil without signaling the skin to produce more oil. Just make sure to apply sunscreen all over your face, not just your t-zone, to avoid any awkward tan lines!

4. Keep a Toner On Hand

If your t-zone is very oily but your cheeks are dry, use a toner to treat your t-zone. A toner can get rid of excess oil and soothe your skin, and you can decide exactly where to apply it. If just your cheeks are oily, use a gentle cleanser all over your face, and then go over your t-zone with an anti-acne toner or toner formulated for oily skin. You can use a toner that has anti-acne ingredients like salicylic acid to clear up your acne. Skin extra oily? Use a toner twice a day after cleansing your face. If your skin is mildly oily, use one once a day. Keep in mind that for some people, using a toner twice a day or even once a day is too much; they may only need a toner a few times a week!

5. Use a Clay Mask

Use a facial mask once a week that’s formulated for acne or oily skin. Clay is a great way of pulling impurities from the pores. A clay mask is perfect for an oily t-zone because everyone has larger pores in that area that tend to get clogged easily. Pulling away these impurities will help prevent breakouts in your t-zone.

If your cheeks tend to be dry, oily apply the mask only on your t-zone. 

6. Make a DIY Mask

If you’re like us, you love a DIY skincare recipe. We have good news: If you don’t have a clay mask on-hand, you can make your own face mask to help manage an oily t-zone. Try a pore minimizing DIY recipe:

  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1/2 cup mashed strawberry
  • 1/4 cup honey

Mix together and apply to your face and neck for 10 minutes. It’s soothing and tightens pores.

If you want to add some extra exfoliation, add two tablespoons of almond powder and scrubbing it onto the skin with extra time spent on the t-zone, where most blackheads are found. Leave it on as a beauty mask.

7. Get Some Pore Strips

Pore strips are a great way to clean out your pores, especially if you have blackheads. Make sure to use a toner after you remove the strip so don’t leave any residue behind. That said, be sure to use pore strips with caution since they can tug and pull at your skin causing damage instead of helping get rid of blackheads. Keep in mind that pore strips are only a temporary fix for blackheads.

8. Use Oil-Blotting Sheets

Blotting sheets are an easy way to instantly get rid of excess shine. You can use a blotting paper to remove excess oil throughout the day. These discreet tissues are perfect to stick in your handbag or backpack to refresh your face when needed. If you are in a pinch you can even use napkins or toilet paper to blot excess oil on your t-zone. Blotting papers are super affordable and portable!

9. Look for Salicylic and Glycolic Acids

Remember the salicylic acid we talked about early? It’s an ingredient to take note of! Use a product with salicylic and/or glycolic acids, which will keep pores clear and reduce pore size.

10. Use Jojoba Oil

You may think that you should avoid putting oils on your oily t-zone, but even oily skin needs moisture. So, try using jojoba oil on your skin. It will help hydrate your skin while keeping the oil production down.

11. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Another way to help combat excess sebum—and remove any buildup of oil on your t-zone—is to exfoliate. Exfoliate your skin regularly, about two to three times per week.

12. Pay Attention to Your Makeup Ingredients

When it comes to managing an oily t-zone, your skin care products aren’t the only thing to consider—your makeup plays a role, too! Avoid makeup with silicones and mineral oil, which will your clog pores. Opt for an oil-free or water-based tinted moisturizer instead.

13. Use Baking Soda

There are certain household items that can help you to manage an oily t-zone, and baking soda is one of them. In fact, mixing baking soda with water can work by applying it as a mask. Scrub it onto the skin and leave it for a few minutes. After rinsing with water, blackheads will be softer and ready to come out.

14. Try a Serum

One last tip—a face serum! Not just any serum, though. Find one with niacinamide and zinc. The two ingredients work to combat oiliness and minimize pores. Apply a few drops every morning and evening before moisturizing.

15. Get a Regular Facial

When in doubt, a professional facial is always there to hit the refresh button on your skin in a way that at-home options can’t compete with. Call Botanica Day Spa to schedule your facial appointment today at 727-441-1711!



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