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Hair RemovalIt’s Winter: Why You Should Be Waxing Now!

It’s Winter: Why You Should Be Waxing Now!

Waxing can yield great benefits, such as smoother skin and thinner and lighter hair on your legs. However, it can also demand a bit of patience as hair must be about one quarter inch long in order for the wax to grab hold of it properly, which can take a week-and-a-half to two weeks to achieve. It can seem appalling to even consider letting your leg hair grow out this long, but during the winter time when it is absolutely appropriate to wear leggings and pants everywhere no one will know. 

Fortunately, you will only have to bear this once–the first time you want to get your legs waxed.  After this initial waxing, your leg hair will grow out soft, thinner and lighter, which will make it easier to allow it to grow out for future waxing!

Tips for Your Waxing Appointment

Prior to waxing your legs these are some helpful tips on what you should do to ensure you get the best results from your wax appointment:

Prepare your legs. A careful examination of your legs to ensure there are no areas of inflammation or broken skin is important, as waxing can exacerbate these problems. 

Exfoliate them. Perform a gentle exfoliation to help remove any excess, dead skin. Consider dry brushing your legs. Dry brushing in the shower, prior to turning the water on, can be highly effective in removing dead skin, as can an in-shower scrub. Properly exfoliated skin will easily release all the hair that is waxed, whereas skin that has not been fully and properly exfoliated may not have the same thorough results, and you may have hair growth within just two weeks. 

You should also exfoliate every day for at least ten days after getting your legs waxed in order to keep your skin really fresh and clean. 

Moisturize. Finally, make sure you moisturize well after having your legs waxed. Look for a hydrating moisturizing cream or lotion that is not oily but will help to keep your skin supple.

It can be difficult to be patient enough to let the many benefits of waxing take hold, but if you truly want to have nice, smooth legs and very fine, slow-growing leg hair, you have to completely abstain from all shaving.  Shaving even once can set you back to the beginning of the waxing process, whereas sticking with exclusive waxing can ensure that you are absolutely ready to show off your gorgeous legs come spring.

The overall goal of any beauty regimen is to help perpetuate a youthful and radiant appearance, which is largely accomplished through the proper care of our skin. One of the most important parts of our beauty regimen is the removal of excess, unwanted hair, which can help contribute to the softer, cleaner look we most desire–especially on our face.

However, removing hair can be uncomfortable, difficult or tedious if not done well, which is what drives us to find new and better ways to achieve the results we want. Wax hair removal is often considered one of the best methods by which to remove excess, unwanted hair. Not only does it achieve the results we desire, it comes with some additional benefits for our skin!

Here are some of the wonderful benefits of waxing compared to shaving:

Improved skin texture. In addition to removing excess, unwanted hair, waxing also removes the top layer of dry, dead skin cells. The result is skin that is far smoother and even, something that cannot be achieved through hair removal creams or shaving. Some waxes even contain aloe or butter in order to moisturize the skin and further improve its tone and texture.

No skin irritation or allergies. Unlike hair removal creams and shaving gels, the wax that is normally used for body waxing procedures does not contain extra ingredients that can cause skin irritation or allergies. Properly done by a trained and experienced professional, the waxing procedure can result in no or very little and fleeting redness.

No cuts and minimal bruising. It can be frustrating to try and improve your skin’s appearance through a method that results in things that adversely affect its appearance, such as cuts and bruises. Even when these things are temporary, they can be annoying to have to deal with. Waxing does not produce cuts as shaving sometimes does but very rarely can produce bruises.

Stubble-free skin. Unlike shaving, which simply cuts hair off at the point where it emerges from the skin, waxing removes all hair completely by the root. Shaving can result in skin that feels rough and stubbly, whereas waxing can result in skin that feels soft.

In addition to these amazing skin benefits, waxing can also cause hair to regrow at a much slower rate, which is not true of other hair removal procedures. The length of time it takes for hair to regrow after waxing can vary, but with repeated waxing, over time it is usually anywhere between four to six weeks, sometimes longer, before hair begins to grow back. When hair does finally grow back, it is soft and fine, unlike the rough, stubbly hair regrowth that occurs after shaving.

For more information about waxing, how it is done, and how it can benefit your skin, contact Botanica Day Spa today!



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