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My Botanica StoryJessica’s #MyBotanicaStory
Jessica Cooper

Jessica’s #MyBotanicaStory

I’ve been in the spa industry for nearly 11 years and worked with hundreds of spas.  I first got to know Gen and the rest of the incredible team back in 2010 when I became their Pevonia representative. I was able to continue working with Botanica when I became their NuFACE representative in 2014. 

Botanica Day Spa is unique to other spas out there for several reasons.  First and foremost, their team is knowledgeable on a whole other level and eager to learn the latest and greatest of technologies, ingredients and techniques.  This crew sits wide-eyed and ready to take notes in every training I have done with them.

In addition to advanced knowledge, affordability plays a major role in their success.  I’ve analyzed and helped create countless spa menus and theirs is one of my favorites.  Why?  Well, it’s easy to read, easy to understand, offers a perfect assortment of treatments and has an appealing price range.  This allows the mother of two to frequent the spa on a regular basis without breaking the bank.

On a more personal note, their boutique is amazing!  Every time I visit them, I walk away with some unique lip balm, hair clip and numerous other things I haven’t seen anywhere else.  I always end up doing some of my holiday shopping there as they always have the best there is to offer.

Botanica Day Spa is the hot, delicious chocolate chip cookie that has come right out of the oven.  They have found the perfect recipe that makes a business successful. 

¼ Cup Customer Service
¼ Cup Knowledgeable Staff
¼ Cup Unique & Result Driven Treatments/Product
¼ Cup Affordability

A true recipe for success and they truly deserve it!

Jessica Cooper

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