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Makeup Lessons: Trending Now

I think we can all agree that makeup is our best friend and probably the best creation for us to play around with! Makeup has certainly evolved through the beauty ages and has reached a new level of stardom on social media outlets that cannot be denied. Whether you do full glam on a daily basis or the bare minimum, one thing that has changed the game is makeup lessons!

Makeup Lessons for All

Makeup seems like it should be pretty straightforward and simple to apply. For the most part, this is true, however, the trends of late have really upped the ante for us. Anyone looking for a bit of glam to their look has been frequenting makeup stores and trying to figure out their match with lipsticks, blush, and foundations.

It can certainly be overwhelming to discern what you should buy and what looks good on you, compared to models, makeup ads, and beauty bloggers online. Their abilities with makeup brushes and flawless application seem unfathomable and downright wizardry for us to copy, let alone the time they have that we don’t. This is where makeup lessons come in with all barrels blazing!

Going to Sephora or Nordstrom for help with makeup can be costly in the end and a bit awkward – should you say you hate that color they chose for you? What do you say when they finish their mini-makeover and you think it’s subpar? Normally, you just compliment it, buy the products they used on you, and head back to the car with your head down and your bank account emptier.

This is why makeup lessons at Botanica Day Spa are just what you need! There’s no reason you can’t use the makeup you already have in your bathroom, you just simply need a little assistance on how to apply it. Plus, makeup lessons at Botanica spa are far less expensive than the makeovers at the mall! For a small fee, our beauty experts help you learn how to achieve all those coveted makeup looks with ease and in a short amount of time!

There’s no need to spend an hour or more in front of the mirror, with our girls, you’ll know exactly how to get that smoky eye or cat eye flick in our makeup lessons! These are all the rage right now and most places charge a hefty price for a group makeup lesson. Here, you can have one-on-one time with our beauticians and ask all the questions you don’t feel comfortable asking at Sephora. There’s no pressure to buy products, it’s all about helping you look beautiful and confident in doing your makeup yourself!

Makeup Tips

Not only is the cost of makeup lessons at Botanica Day Spa inexpensive, you’ll learn extremely helpful makeup tips. Our girls love to beautify and share their wisdom with our clients! Contouring, filling in your eyebrows, achieving the perfect bold lip, you name it, we will help you know how to accomplish it all on your own after a lesson!

You can book a group makeup lesson, a private one, or if you have an important event and need it done with no fuss, we can do your makeup for you. It’s fun, even with a group of your girlfriends, to experiment and try out new looks that you were too timid to try by yourself. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll love it and want to give your daily makeup look a refresher now that you know more and have a better ability to create it! Call us today and book a makeup lesson with us at Botanica Day Spa!




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