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Acne TreatmentMen’s Skincare Struggles: How to Resolve Them
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Men’s Skincare Struggles: How to Resolve Them

Few men are as preoccupied with skincare issues as women tend to be, but this does not mean that they aren’t sensitive to these issues.  Flawless skin can be an indication of a man’s good health and can actually attract other individuals to him.  However, considering the constant assault of harmful elements, including infections, cuts, scrapes, sunlight, stress and sweat, it can take some time and attention in order to effectively protect your skin.

Resolving Skin Issues

Some of the men’s key skin issues and their solutions include:

● Acne.  Humidity, stress, sweat and steroids can all cause acne breakouts, even if you maintain a good diet and hygiene.  If washing your face in the morning and at night does not help to control breakouts, consider picking up Pevonia’s Clari-gel cleanser, available at Botanica.  An extensive and persistent acne problem may require treatment with a medical doctor. 

● Razor burn. From mild discomfort and redness to an extensive rash with infected blisters and pimples, razor burn is never pleasant.  To prevent razor burn you should wash your face with warm water before shaving, use new, sharp razor blades, apply soap or shaving cream and always shave in the direction the hair grows.  If you already have razor burn, try using PFB Vanish. It’s effective at preventing ingrown hairs and bumps that can develop due to shaving.

● Sunburn.  The red, irritated, sensitive skin experienced in a sunburn is the result of UV radiation.  Every individual should protect their skin against sunburns by using sunscreen, sunglasses and hats even when it’s overcast and cool outside in order to prevent UV radiation. One of my favorite products to help heal and alleviate burns, eczema, and even psoriasis is Manuka Honey Cream by Wild Naturals.

● Rosacea.  This inflammatory skin disease causes perpetual redness and must be treated in order to prevent a worsening condition.  Most cases of rosacea require prescription medication to control flare-ups, but can also be minimized through basic care.  You should avoid consuming food items that cause flare-ups and also avoid rubbing or touching your face.

● Eczema.  This incredibly uncomfortable and itchy condition is only made worse by scratching, stress and dry climates.  Using topical steroid creams, massage, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, vitamin D, phototherapy and antihistamines, an individual can successfully control their eczema.

Preventative measures can allow an individual to avoid most skincare issues.  Addressing skincare issues quickly when they arise can help to mitigate the damages they cause.



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