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Eyebrow TIPS and TRICKS

I am obsessed with eyebrows. Maybe it was because I grew up with one eyebrow my entire childhood. My mom was not very up-to-date in the way of beauty and grooming and she had no idea that there was something wrong with my face. I would look at magazines and wonder why I didn’t look like the girls in them. Somewhere around 15 years old I clued into the fact that I had HUGE caterpillars on my forehead. I needed to do something about it. So I started to tweeze them, but my hand got so tired. I thought “I know, I’ll shave them!” Yea, big mistake – I shaved off half my eyebrows – not funny.


Finally around 16 I discovered eyebrow waxing. I started to feel more confident in my looks. I started getting compliments. I started to fall in love with the beauty industry.


To me, eyebrows are HUGELY important when it comes to your looks. I mean, if you think about it, eyebrows alone can show your emotion. They show surprise, anger, frustration, sadness. I remember being a child and drawing little pictures and the eyebrows would show what mood my little person was in. I’d go so far as to say having the right brow shape alone can make you look younger and more beautiful.


So how do you get a good brow shape? Well a lot goes into this answer. You might find “rules” out there where you need to measure the outside corner of your nostril to the outside corner of your eye… blah, blah, blah. People ask me about these rules all the time. But they don’t work unless you’re even and balanced in your facial features. What if you have close-set eyes or a wide-set nose? You could end up with a pretty short eyebrow. Also this doesn’t take into account what shape you like and your personal taste.


Here are some general rules I’ve discovered to be true:


Fuller faces look better with fuller eyebrows. Small petite faces can pull off thinner sexier eyebrows. One thing that seems to be a general rule, is that longer eyebrows are always nicer.




Short eyebrows that start in the middle of the eye are a bad move.

short eyebrows.jpg drew


Also, eyebrows should start thicker (even if only slightly) in the inner part and thin towards the outside corner.



It shouldn’t be the same exact thickness or thinness the whole time.

Pam-Anderson thin brow


They shouldn’t arch in the inner part of the eyebrow…

short eyebrows


…but more towards the middle/back – and yes they need to have that lift and arch. This creates that youthful look.

Megan Fox brow


Now what if you don’t have enough eyebrow? I know some of you are not born with lots of eyebrow or over plucking has taken a permanent toll. Or even age or hormone changes and illness has caused eyebrow thinning. So now you have to work a little harder on getting them looking more there


Eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencils are options. Also, there are brow stimulants like Revita Brow that really work. I recommend all of these to help you get that youthful, beautiful brow. Some tips with filling them in with make-up – if you’re blonde go a shade darker than your hair color to give yourself that pop and if you’re dark haired go a shade lighter so as to not look too hard.

revita browfilled in brows


One last thing, when you do go to get an eyebrow wax, please help your aesthetician out. Bring photos or pics of of what you want – they are not mind readers. Tell them exactly what you want. Be realistic, if you have over plucked brows don’t expect Audrey Hepburn, they are not magicians. Also, not all eyebrow waxers are created equal. I have met some that can not thin out a persons brow when needed and others that have no concept of shape at all. I recommend that you look at your friends and see who’s brows you like and ask them where they go. When you find the right person, stick to them like glue. I have had longer relationships with some of my clients than my husband.


Love, Gen

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