Spa Bridal Showers

Spa Bridal Showers

Preparing for a wedding can be very intense and stressful, for all members of the bridal party. A bridal shower is a wonderful way to take a little break and spend some time together with close friends to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.  It can be a time for sharing stories, playing games, and engaging in other fun activities that help to build great excitement for the bride’s future life and happiness.

There are many different types of bridal showers, often designed to meet the specific personality and wants of the bride herself. That said, spa bridal showers have become an increasingly popular way to truly unwind during this exciting time by indulging the entire bridal party in some well-deserved pampering.  A spa bridal shower can be perfect for soothing and relaxing tired minds and bodies in preparation for the big day, and when held just before the wedding it can help give the entire bridal party the beautiful glow they so desire.

Hosting a Spa Bridal Shower or a Pre-wedding Party at Botanica

Normally, bridal showers are hosted by the maid of honor with the help of the bridal party, or they may be hosted by a close relative or friend of the bride’s.  If you are planning on hosting a spa bridal shower, you should take the time to research different types of spa bridal showers and then a month or two before the bridal shower will be held you should:

  • Decide on a date by coordinating with the bride and the bridal party to find a workable spa day for everyone.
  • Decide on the budget for the bridal shower, and what spa services fall within this budget.
  • Send out your invitations for the shower.  Bridal shower guests normally include the bride, her bridal party and close female relatives of the bride.
  • Decide on the food that will be served during the shower, in coordination with the spa.
  • Decide on party favors for the guests – like aromatherapy oils, lightly scented candles or bath salts – and package them nicely in a favor box to be handed out at the end of the spa time.

A spa bridal shower can be a wonderful treat for the bride and her guests, and a fantastic way to prepare for the upcoming wedding.  Botanica Day Spa is ready to help with everything you will need to host a beautiful spa bridal shower or provide pre-wedding spa services, and we encourage you to call and set your appointment well in advance.

We provide many relaxing spa services, ranging from waxing, manicures and pedicures to body wraps, beauty enhancements, massages and facials.  Whatever your bridal shower design and budget, we have services and packages to meet your needs and ensure that your bride and her bridal party are well-pampered and ready for the big day!

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  • Stephanie Sullivan

    I am looking into having my sister’s bachelorette party here a few days before the wedding ( we are from NY and she lives in Texas). What can come with this kind of event? Treatments, prices, etc? We would have a total of 5 bridesmaids and the bride.

    Thank you!

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