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FacialStep Into Summer with Our Emerald Seaweed Facial
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Step Into Summer with Our Emerald Seaweed Facial

The ocean has plenty of wonders to it. Marine-based skin care is a must for tired, damaged, and dehydrated skin. Why? While the ocean is full of beauty, sea creatures, and covers the majority of this planet, the healing powers of seaweed are something to treasure. Harvesting the benefits of seaweed in skin care has revolutionized the solution for problem skin, like scars, wrinkles, and dryness.

Take a look at just what all those benefits are…

Seaweed Facial Benefits

When you think of seaweed, it normally is associated with sushi and the slimy stuff you step on at the beach that makes you scream thinking it’s a shark or eel. However, the case in point of a seaweed facial is anything but scary. The miracles in seaweed for your skin are just beginning to take flight in the beauty industry.

Decades ago, it was expensive to harvest the minerals and regenerating properties of kelp (aka seaweed) for skin care. Now, it has become much more simple to refine and create products highlighting the effective benefits of seaweed. Many may not be aware, but seaweed first saw its stardom in skin care by sailors, seamen, even pirates alike!

Ocean-goers that worked and lived at sea would have the toughest, most leathery type of skin by endless hours directly in the sun. Hundreds of years ago, there wasn’t such a thing as sunscreen, therefore they would wrap fresh seaweed strands on their forearms and necks to protect against sunlight.

Fast forward to this revolutionary age of skin care and anti-aging miracles and you’ll find that a seaweed facial is exactly what damaged skin is yearning for! Here is a breakdown of what a seaweed facial can do for you:

  • Ascorbic acid in seaweed purifies and helps with anti-aging
  • Selenium, a main element found in seaweed is ideal for anti-aging and preventing wrinkles
  • Ultra-hydrating
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to rejuvenate the skin with nutrients it needs
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Increases skin metabolism by seaweed’s natural iodine

If you have problem skin, scarring, parched skin, or lackluster skin then a seaweed facial will become your new best friend. There are plenty of products and facial types out there, but a proper and professional seaweed facial can help your skin in bounds!

Botanica Day Spa Emerald Seaweed Facial

At Botanica, our goal is to have you leave with glowing, beautiful, and healthy skin! Whether it’s from a facial, body treatment, wax, massage, or salon service, we want you feeling at your very best. With the seaweed facial from Botanica Day Spa, your skin will feel renewed and radiant again!

Our skin can be difficult to give the time and attention it needs, which is why regular facials are so important. Your skin lasts as long as you do, therefore treating it with a professional spa facial will improve the longevity, health, and suppleness of your skin. At Botanica spa, we care just as much for you and the wellbeing of your health and skin. That’s why our seaweed facial is a top choice for those who need extra care to repair their skin.

The seaweed facial includes vitamin C, adding brightening to your complexion while the seaweed mask re-mineralizes your face. And while applying fresh seaweed to your face is something you could try, it’s not very practical and won’t have the same benefits as the repairing properties are extracted out of kelp. The power of the sea is a strong one though and incredibly beneficial for your skin.

A seaweed facial will do more for your skin than you may realize, as the strength and results of applying seaweed to skin care is still a foreign one to most. We at Botanica know the aims of a seaweed facial, however, and can help you to restore your skin to baby soft youthfulness once again!

Call Botanica Day Spa today to book your seaweed facial with us at 727-441-1711 and see the beautiful results for yourself!



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