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Skin CareThe Best Skin Care Tips for Flying
skin care flying tips

The Best Skin Care Tips for Flying

Everyone loves going on vacation, except for the actual traveling part. Cramped, long flights are the bane of some people’s existence, especially if you’re traveling with little ones. For your skin, though, it can be an absolute nightmare. The arid environment of an airplane can wreak havoc on the skin and leave it looking dehydrated, blotchy and fatigued. That’s not the way any of us want to start our much-needed vacay! So, here are some really valuable tips and tricks for taking care of your skin while flying.

Before Takeoff

Start hydrating from the inside out: Before you board, pick up a one-liter bottle of mineral water or a potassium-rich cucumber or coconut water. Pack a durable, reusable water bottle for easy refills in the airport and on the plane. Flying is one of the worst and fastest ways to dehydrate our skin, so skip the sodas, coffees, and alcohol for when you’re not 30,000 feet in the air.

Go au naturel: A clean, makeup-free face, or a minimally made-up face, is your best defense against oily skin and clogged pores. If makeup is necessary, mix a light moisturizer with your foundation to help keep skin hydrated.

Prep to protect: Use a gentle, creamy cleanser and a hydrating body lotion for your arms and legs to nourish skin and protect it from becoming parched in the dry cabin air. Models and influencers all over the world swear by applying face masks or sheet masks mid-flight to have that dewy, glowy look right off the plane!

Layer products according to your skin type: Travelers with combination or oily skin should apply a sheer super-hydrating mask. Individuals with dry skin should add an extra layer of protection — a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and shea butter to help avoid parched-looking skin.


Spray it: Nothing feels quite as refreshing as a spritz of water when your skin feels like a desert. Apply a mist hourly to your face, neck, and hands to give skin the extra gulp of hydration it needs to fight redness and irritation. Face mists laced with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients are a must-have for your bag, whether you’re flying or just for day-to-day!

Snagged a window seat? Don’t forget sunscreen: A higher altitude means extra exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays, which can lead to sunburn, wrinkles and skin cancer. Avoid creams that are zinc-, titanium- or mineral-based, as they tend to dry out the skin. SPF should already be part of your daily skin care regimen and an easy way to have it in place is with an SPF infused foundation!

Sleep is your friend: Skip the movie marathon and try to catch some extra Z’s. Use a comfortable blackout mask to signal to your neighbors that it’s shut-eye time.

Upon Arrival

Wake up your skin: Wash your face with a gentle, sweet-smelling facial scrub after disembarking for a quick and soothing pick-me-up. It will also help remove any gunk, germs, and shared contaminated air that has absorbed into the first layer of your skin.

Swipe off: Wipe away plane grime easily with a pre-moistened cloth, which is super easy to travel with!

Swipe on: Lather on a hydrating cream to refresh dry lips, nose, and hands.

Avoid extra baggage: Beat puffy, bloodshot eyes and dark circles with saline drops and a cold compress. You may be jet-lagged, but your skin doesn’t have to show it.

It can seem like quite a checklist, but all of these options come in travel size packaging! Skin care brands realized the importance of having their favorite products in miniature size for those that are frequent flyers or always on the go! Start your vacation right by following the skin care flying tips laid out above and be ready for those Instagram Story snaps right off the plane.

And don’t forget, traveling and vacations can really stress out our skin, so make sure to book that post-vacay facial to reset your skin!



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