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FacialThe Rose Quartz Trend Continues at Botanica Day Spa
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The Rose Quartz Trend Continues at Botanica Day Spa

All you have to do is open social media and you’ll see the raging trend of rose quartz everywhere. Many skin care brands are releasing products and tools made with rose quartz! What is the obsession with this natural gemstone and why is it taking over in spas and skin products? We’ll tell you.

Rose Quartz Benefits

Since ancient times, certain gemstones have been used and believed to help heal, energize, and promote health. Many cultures have their own interpretation of it and in present day, rose quartz is everything. There are clean skin care brands such as Herbivore that rely on and promote heavily on gemstones in their products, but also with releasing natural stone facial tools.

One major trend with rose quartz is the facial rolling tool, which is used to help soak in products, but also to tone, sculpt, and stimulate the skin. It’s also said to help the lymph drainage in your skin tissue and tighten your skin for anti-aging elements. Well, we certainly have no problem with that!

Rose quartz differs from other gemstones like jade and regular quartz. These are just a sampling of what is known world round as beneficial for using rose quartz for your face:

  • Reduce puffiness in the face, particularly in the morning when you’ve just woken up
  • Eliminates toxins with the lymphatic massage as a facial roller
  • Improve blood circulation by stimulating the skin
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Works with facial oils to penetrate into the skin better

The rose quartz stone is referred to as the stone of love and has been used in beauty regimens for centuries as a detoxifying, healing, and glowing instrument for your skin! A simple search on Instagram will showcase the power of facial roller tools and the prominence of this gemstone. Another great aspect of rose quartz for your skin is that the stone tends to remain cool, which when used on your face creates a brisk sensation that can awaken the skin as well.

Cold temperatures have long been used in skin care to reduce puffiness and soothe irritated skin, so a rose quartz facial roller would certainly benefit your skin care regimen. However, not everyone has the time for such pampering on a day to day basis. And if you’re skeptical about buying a facial tool that is new to the market, then trying a rose quartz facial instead is just what you are looking for!

Botanica Day Spa Rose Quartz Facial

One of the best highlights of a spa is experimenting with different services. Botanica recently added several new facials to their extended list for the betterment of our clients’ care! The Rose Quartz Facial is one of them, which was also a featured special in February that grew very popular.

This facial is simple, yet very effective and ultra relaxing. It starts out with a deep cleansing to remove any dirt, oil, and debris your pores may have, followed by exfoliation for smooth, clear skin. Steam comes next, with hydrating elements based off of each of our client’s needs and is massaged with a rose quartz stone! This is an ideal facial for toning and promoting healthier blood flow, allowing the skin to repair and protect itself.

Many trends come and go, but the rose quartz facial has had its time in beauty for thousands of years. In Asia, it was very common to use gemstones as skin care tools when brushes and more advanced instruments didn’t exist (it was also much more hygienic!). If you’re interested in an old age trend revamped for the new era in clean skin care, then call Botanica today at 727-441-1711 to book your rose quartz facial! You will still experience the best in tranquil and quality spa facial services, no matter which one you choose!



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