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beating bad beauty habits

Tricks for Beating 5 Common Bad Beauty Habits

We all have bad habits. From biting your nails, to popping zits, to sleeping in your makeup, we can be guilty of some of the worst bad beauty habits. These bad habits can actually compromise our looks and our health. But with these easy tricks, you can kick these habits once and for all and keep your skin and nails healthy and clean for good.

Makeup Brush Clean-Up Days

Can’t remember the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Maybe you’ve never even cleaned your brushes! Yikes! Well, an easy way to remember to maintain your makeup brushes is to clean them on the same days you do your laundry. On average, people do their laundry about once a week. So after you pop in a load of laundry, get to cleaning those brushes. Clean brushes help promote healthy skin and reduce the spread or bacteria that can clog pores.

Clean Away Nail Biting Habits

If you find yourself gnawing away at your poor defenseless nails when you’re bored, then start tackling the housework you’ve been ignoring. Having a task to occupy your hands, like unpleasant chores, will eliminate the need for you to chew on your nails. If you begin associating mopping or dusting with biting your nails, eventually biting your nails will seem less appealing. Your nails, and your house, will thank you.

Schedule a Nightly Face Wash

I know it can be a struggle to walk all the way to the bathroom to wash your face before bed, but wearing makeup while you sleep is seriously harmful for your skin. You can avoid the temptation to skip washing your face by doing it at the same time every night. In fact, I would suggest doing it earlier than right before bed while you’re not at your most exhausted.

Water Up Your House and Office

Everyone knows that hydration is the key to radiantly youthful skin that glows. You’re less likely to drink the proper amount of water each day if it’s not readily available. Literally, keep water in every room you spend extended periods of time in: your bedroom, living room, office, and car. You’ll notice dewier skin in no time!

Say Goodbye to the Magnifying Mirror

Unless your vision isn’t the best, stop using a magnifying mirror immediately. You are at great risk of damaging your beautiful skin by over-plucking, picking, or squeezing zits or other blemishes. While you always want to look your best, using a magnifying mirror can create an unhealthy obsession with having flawless skin.

Now that you have these helpful little tricks handy, your skin and nails can be their happiest and healthiest!



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