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Skin CareTrue or False: Your Skincare Routine Should Change With the Seasons
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True or False: Your Skincare Routine Should Change With the Seasons

It can take a lot of time and patience to find a skincare routine that works well for you and achieves the results you desire. This includes not only finding the right products, but also the right techniques to ensure that your skin is properly nourished and hydrated. It can, therefore, seem ridiculous to even suggest making any changes to this routine–after all, it’s easy to assume that such changes may adversely affect the outcome. However, the truth is that failing to make appropriate changes to your skincare routine when the seasons change can mean that the routine that once seemed perfect no longer achieves the same results it once did–and suddenly you’re facing skin problems you thought were reserved exclusively for hormonal teenagers.

The Best Skincare Routines

You may have already noticed that your skin responds to the environment around you, but what you may not have realized is that this not only means that it is affected by airborne toxins but also by the general climate as well. Since your skin is so incredibly sensitive, even the smallest climate shifts that occur with the change of seasons can affect a change in your skin. By the time your skin displays irritation and blemishes, the condition has already deteriorated quite a bit. It is for this reason that the best skincare routines are those that predict the coming changes and prepare for them.

Just as you change your wardrobe with the change in seasons, so too should you change your skincare routine. Even before your skin begins to feel dry and irritated, you may notice that it isn’t as radiant, soft or hydrated as usual. This is when you should begin to change your skincare routine, minimally by:

  • Changing how you cleanse your skin. Lighter cleansers that help to balance excess oil are more appropriate for warmer seasons, while creamer cleansers that better moisturize and protect against dry skin are more appropriate for colder seasons. You can even smooth the transition by mixing some of your warm weather cleanser with some of your cold weather cleanser before moving entirely over to the new one.
  • Evaluating how you are layering products on your skin. Normally you want to layer products on your skin by putting the lightest and more active products closer to your skin and the heavier products on top. The products you are using on your skin should correspond to the season–for example, you may need more acne prevention products during warmer weather and more soothing products during drier, cooler weather.
  • Changing how you moisturize your skin. The dryness you may experience during warmer weather is most definitely different than the dryness you experience during cooler weather. While you want to hydrate and moisturize your skin, in either case, warmer weather moisturizers should be light and cooling, while cooler weather moisturizers should be rich and protecting. In some cases, you can use your warmer weather moisturizer during cooler weather by adding a few drops of facial oil.

Seasonal Changes and Skincare

While it is certainly important to be aware of the seasonal changes that demand skincare routine changes, the most valuable thing to remember is that your skin’s needs will constantly evolve as you age and as the environment around you changes. Being watchful and aware of your skin’s needs can help to ensure that you are not constantly scrambling to catch up and remediate skincare issues after they have occurred, but are providing your skin with whatever it needs in order to remain healthy and beautiful.

As always, if you need any help with establishing the best skincare routines for your skin, contact us at Botanica Day Spa. We will be happy to assist you in reaching all your skincare goals, no matter the season!



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