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FacialWhat is NuFace – Microcurrent Program

What is NuFace – Microcurrent Program

How many of you have a bathroom drawer filled with half-full jars of anti-aging creams and serums that have been sitting there for months because they just didn’t cut it?  We need a treatment that really penetrates the skin deeply and fights the signs of aging in ways that few skin creams can.  Luckily, NuFace has gained popularity among skin care professionals and clients alike because of its proven, easy-to-use technology and beautiful, visible results.

Who is NuFace?

Who knows what women look for in a skincare product better than other women?  NuFace is a women-owned company that has transformed the way women approach skin care products with its non-invasive, innovative devices.   

How Does NuFace Work?

NuFace is a handheld device that has been clinically proven to improve facial contour, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin tone through microcurrent technology.  NuFace is the only microcurrent handheld device that has been cleared by the FDA.  Its gentle stimulation of the layers of skin that are well-below the surface, makes NuFace the ultimate solution for aging skin.      

NuFace’s Award-winning Technology

When a product delivers the desired results that people have been looking for, it doesn’t take long for the word to spread about how it has helped others feel more confident in their appearances.  Well-known home shopping network and ecommerce retailer QVC recently bestowed its Most Innovative    QStar Award to NuFace for its “advanced technology, steady stream of new products and ideas, as well as unique strategies to evolve the business model and anticipate consumer needs”.        

What Makes it Different?

With all the new devices and procedures out there that promise fast, easy results, why should you try NuFace?  One of the greatest benefits of NuFace is that it has no adverse side effects or down time.  No worrying that you will have to hide your face for a few days following a treatment because NuFace doesn’t use harsh chemicals that could interfere with the body’s natural working environment.  It lifts and tones facial muscles, increases circulation, and promotes elastin and collagen production for the younger, more vibrant skin you’ve been wanting. 

Don’t throw away your favorite skin cream just yet, though!  NuFace’s technology actually helps products and serums penetrate deeper into the facial tissue, making them more effective.  Try NuFace today so you can confidently put your best face forward!  



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