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EyelashesWhat to Know For Your Lash Extensions Appointment: Before & After
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What to Know For Your Lash Extensions Appointment: Before & After

We know the results of lash extensions, but we hardly ever talk about the actual process for the client. So, we’re going to dive into some great tips for you as the one going into your local spa for an eyelash extension appointment, to help you know the do’s and don’ts, what to expect, and what to do during!

Preparing For Your Appointment

  1. Arrive Makeup-Free. Your lash artist needs a completely clean canvas to work with, which means no mascara, concealer, makeup, or skin care of any kind around the eye area. Expedite the process (and do your esthetician a favor) by arriving completely makeup-free.
  2. Skip the Coffee. While this isn’t a painful process for most people, it can be nerve-wracking to have to be completely still (with your eyes closed) for up to two hours. Coffee, energy drinks, and caffeine of any kind will only amplify the jitters.
  3. Come Cozy. While you can technically get this done before or after work, keep in mind that you’re going to be laying down for up to two hours. Dress comfortably in clothing that won’t require constant adjusting and will help you relax during the appointment. It’s a spa, after all!
  4. Use the Restroom Beforehand. Remember, this process can take up to two hours. Go to the bathroom before your lash artist starts the process and avoid drinking for at least an hour before your appointment to avoid any sudden lavatory needs while the application is being done.
  5. Come With Photo Inspiration. What you might consider to be a natural look can be completely different from what your esthetician thinks is a natural look. A picture is worth a thousand words, so bring photo inspiration of eyelash extension looks you like. We want you to receive the end look you want, and we love visuals to help us accomplish that for you!
  6. Make a Playlist. If you’re anxious ahead of your appointment or worried that you’ll be bored, most estheticians don’t mind if you want to listen to music or a podcast. While tranquil spa music will be playing in the room, your own tunes can become your own little paradise to pass the time. Just let your esthetician know if it’s okay to remove your headphones for you if she needs to communicate.
  7. Stop Your Retinol. Retinol increases sensitivity for some, especially in an area as delicate as the eyes. It’s a good idea to stop the use of all retinols, acids, scrubs, and acne treatments a few days before your appointment (and if you have concerns about sensitivity, talk to your dermatologist).
  8. Research Your Lash Artist. While the exact regulations for lash extensions vary from state to state, this process should be performed by a licensed esthetician, not a cosmetologist. Read reviews on the studio you plan to visit, as well as the esthetician you’re booking.
  9. Know Your Allergies. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that lash extensions are ‘not safe’, but the procedure does have some risks to consider, including allergy to the glue (which may contain common allergens like latex, formaldehyde, and various adhesives). And if you’re allergic to cats, you might find extensions made of mink hair to be irritating, causing itchiness, redness, and/or dryness. Be 100 percent certain of your allergies before making an appointment and ask what type of extension fibers and glue are used before your esthetician starts to avoid an allergic reaction.

Aftercare Tips 

  1. Avoid Getting Them Wet the First 48 Hours. Avoid all contact with water and steam within the first 48 hours after having your extensions applied. This will help the adhesive seal to your lashes for a longer time period between fillers.
  2. Don’t Use Cleansers With Oil. Don’t use any oil-based products while you have lash extensions. This includes makeup removers, cleansers, facial oils, and oil-serum hybrids, as the oil causes the glue to dissolve.
  3. Don’t Stand Under the Showerhead For Too Long: The weight of the water can lead to premature breakages, therefore we recommend that you brush your lashes when you get out of the shower. Lashes do need to be brushed every so often to remove access water and just in general with a spoolie brush.
  4. Sleep on Your Side. If you’re a stomach sleeper, be forewarned that your eyelashes are likely being pressed into (and rubbed against) your pillowcase, which will expedite fallout and breakage. A pregnancy pillow or pillow wall barriers around you should help to stop unconscious rolling while you sleep.
  5. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes or Touching Your Extensions. The more touching, tugging, and rubbing, the weaker your extensions become and the more likely they are to fall out or break off ahead of schedule (taking the natural lash they were attached to with them).
  6. Don’t Use an Eyelash Curler: Never ever use a mechanical eyelash curler. If your extensions are starting to lose curl, use a heated eyelash curler to gently lift them.

All of these tips will help you have a longer run of your lash extensions, all while you get to enjoy fabulously thick and voluminous lashes! For the best lash extensions in Tampa and Clearwater, call Botanica Day Spa today to book your appointment. Receive the best of both worlds with the luxury of a spa’s relaxation with the expertise of an esthetician will years of experience under their belts!



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