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Acne TreatmentWhy Good Skincare Practices Should Start in Your Teens
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Why Good Skincare Practices Should Start in Your Teens

As the largest and most visible organ of your body, your skin obviously needs a lot of care in order to stay healthy and radiant.  Unfortunately, we have a tendency to think of ourselves as slightly invincible when we are young, and then we scramble to catch up with good skincare practices once the damages have already begun to show.  Actually, good skincare should begin when you are in your teens and your body is already beginning to change dramatically.  So if you’re a teenager now or the parent of a teenager, it’s the perfect time to develop some good habits for the future.

Good Skincare

Taking good care of your skin is about a lot more than just washing your face once or twice a day.  It has a lot to do with how you treat your skin on a daily basis, which definitely includes the products you use on your skin.  Beginning good skincare practices in your teens can help you deal with acne problems and decrease the formation of wrinkles, brown spots, enlarged pores and skin cancer as you age.  The teenage years are a perfect time to find skincare products that are right for one’s skin type, while bearing in mind that your skin type can change over the years and you will need to change your skincare regimen to match it.  It is also a good time to learn how to properly clean pores and to not touch one’s face or pick at pimples, and to become acquainted with the wonder that is a facial.  Not only can these spa treatments work wonders on one’s skin, and be specific to skin type, they can be a wonderfully relaxing opportunity to pamper oneself. 

If you’re not certain how to go about determining a proper skincare regimen, consult with a professional.  Products do not have to be expensive, as many over-the-counter products work wonderfully to help maintain healthy skin, but it is important to avoid those products that may dry out or over-exfoliate your skin.  Most individuals enter their teenage years with soft, radiant skin, and the right skincare regimen can work to ensure one’s skin remains so even as they age.  In the case that you weren’t able to start good skincare practices when you were in your adolescent years, don’t worry–starting good skincare practices now can still work wonders, and is certainly better than doing nothing!



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