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Skin CareWhy Nightly Face Washing is Necessary for Skin Care
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Why Nightly Face Washing is Necessary for Skin Care

Deep down inside, we all know that it is best for us to wash our face every single night.  However, when we are tired at the end of a long day it can be easy to excuse ourselves from nightly face washing, especially if we are wearing a “natural mineral makeup”.  Unfortunately, skipping this important regimen once, twice or even regularly is not the best way to keep our skin healthy and glowing in the long run.

Why It's Important

Just as sleep helps your body to heal and restore energy for the next day, rest allows your skin to rejuvenate.  That is, if it is left free to breathe and produce natural, moisturizing sebum.  Leaving makeup on your skin overnight, even if it’s natural makeup, can cause the skin to become sore or irritated.   When makeup clogs the pores, sebum cannot work properly and instead builds ups on top of the skin.  This can cause your skin to look tired and dull the next day.  Makeup that is left in contact with your eyes overnight can sometimes cause infections due to the buildup of bacteria that occurs, causing your skin to become inflamed, sore and irritated.

In addition to removing all makeup from your face, there are other things that need to be cleaned off your face at the end of the day.  Throughout the day your skin attracts dirt and pollution which will not simply “go away” at night.  When you wash your face thoroughly, you free it from impurities that can create problem skin and allow it to heal and repair.  This allows you to begin the next day with the healthy, beautiful skin that is only further improved by the use of makeup.  Irritated and unhealthy skin is difficult to hide, even with skillful makeup application.

Using Caution

While it is important to wash your face every night, it is also important to avoid using irritating products or over-washing your skin.  Our skin has natural oils and lipids that are important for protecting and caring for the skin.  Irritating products and over-washing can strip the skin of these important elements, which in turn causes the skin to over-produce them.  This creates an excess of oils, making the skin greasy and leading to more breakouts.  So while it is important to wash your skin twice a day, it is also important to use gentle, natural products and avoid over-washing. 



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