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10 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love in 2017

While some may think it selfish to indulge their desires, doing so within reason is actually important to our overall health.  Showing yourself love should not be confused with the extremes of vanity or narcissism, but rather a conscious caring for one’s health and well-being.  Following are ten ways you can show yourself some love in the New Year:

  1. Schedule breaks and take them.  Even if you feel certain that you enjoy working right through breaks, the fact is that you actually need them–they are a chance to center and recharge yourself.
  2. Eat slowly.  Where meals and eating should be a time to relax and enjoy one’s food and company, they are often something else entirely.  We tend to eat on the run, sometimes substituting quick snacks for full meals.  Take the time to eat slowly and enjoy yourself.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe.  This is especially helpful if you feel stressed or overwhelmed.  Simply close your eyes and breathe deeply and fully for a few moments, allowing oxygen-rich breath deep into your lungs.
  4. Get up slowly in the morning.  Starting the day by rushing to get up and get ready sets a precedent for the entire day.  Instead, take the time to rise slowly and relax for a few moments before tackling the day calmly and confidently.
  5. Slowly sip eight ounces of warm water infused with the juice of half a lemon after waking up.  Drinking water immediately upon waking up, and before eating or drinking anything else, can provide many wonderful health benefits–including detoxing your body and getting your metabolism ready for the day ahead.
  6. Drink plenty of fresh water every day.  It’s truly amazing how many different ailments can be easily resolved by simply consuming enough fresh water on a daily basis. 
  7. Take a short, brisk walk every day.  A fifteen minute, vigorous walk that allows you to look around can be very refreshing.
  8. Undertake some gentle stretches or yoga poses each day.  Yoga can be wonderfully calming, as it places a lot of attention on the individual’s ability to connect their mind and body and relax.
  9. Eat healthy, organic foods, and avoid processed or fast foods.  Healthy, organic foods provide your body with good nutrition, which can help you to feel well physically, spiritually and mentally. 
  10. Avoid sugar and alcohol.  Both these substances, while providing temporary pleasure, can be very draining and harmful to the body, and are therefore best avoided.



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