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myths about toner

3 Common Myths About Using Toner

While we may not want to openly admit it, most women are willing to do just about anything to achieve beautiful, flawless and glowing skin.  Unfortunately, when you consider the amount of different beauty products on the market and the absolute mountain of promises they make, it’s no surprise that few women actually understand which products do what, or how they can best take care of their skin.  Toner is arguably one of the least well understood skin care products, and therefore probably one of the least properly used skin care products.

Myths About Using Toner

Myth 1: Toner is a skin cleanser. 

It’s true that some individuals have found that using toner after cleansing seems to more deeply clean their skin, but this does not mean that toner is a cleanser.  If you do find that the cotton pad you use to apply toner is getting coated with dirt or makeup, realize that any moisture applied to your skin in this way would likely have the same effect.  Consider cleansing your skin more thoroughly by washing it twice in a row with your cleanser, as toner should go on clean skin.

Myth 2: Toner isn’t really necessary to healthy skin.

It is a lack of understanding that drives women to believe toner is unnecessary.  Toner is actually mostly composed of water, and it helps the skin immensely by balancing its pH level, preparing it for receiving and locking in serum and moisturizer and keeping it well-hydrated.  Some toners are also uniquely designed to address specific skin issues that women experience.

Myth 3: Toners can help to tighten or shrink pores.

Even though we may want desperately to believe otherwise, the fact is that pores just cannot shrink.  Furthermore, healthy, hydrated skin should not feel tight, and products that make it feel this way may have too much alcohol or other drying ingredients that are harmful to your skin.

Toners may not be the “miracle” skin care product we all keep hoping for, but the truth is that there is not really any one “miracle” skin care product, only appropriate skin care regimens using well-designed products.  Toners are an important part of any skin care regimen because they help to keep skin hydrated and pH balanced, so whatever myths you may have heard to explain why you shouldn’t use toner, set them aside.  Your healthy skin will make it well worth it.



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