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pampering boosts mood

How a Day of Pampering Can Boost Your Mood

Some women pamper themselves often as a matter of course and feel like it is their womanly right to do so.  Sad to say, other women may feel selfish about “over-indulging” and therefore only do so once in a while.  Whether you feel that you fall into the first category or the second, take a moment to consider how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually after you do pamper yourself.  You may come to realize that pampering yourself often isn’t even remotely selfish–it is wonderfully restorative, and the best way to naturally boost your mood.

Pampering as a Mood Booster

It tends to be true that an individual who is happy is also confident, and vice versa.  But life has so many ups and downs, challenges and difficulties along the way that even an individual who feels generally happy and confident in their life can sometimes encounter a challenge or difficulty that makes them feel decidedly not so.  This is perfectly normal, but not necessarily comfortable.  So what do you do when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed? 

Chances are that when you feel stressed or overwhelmed you take some time for yourself in order to feel refreshed and rejuvenated–perhaps you take a long walk, a warm bath with essential oils, listen to some calming music while you read a good book or something similar.  You probably feel much better afterwards, and for good reason–you just pampered yourself.  This pampering allowed enough time for you to recharge your batteries, relax your body and mind, and focus on something that is pleasant and enjoyable. This may not mean that all your difficulties or troubles have gone away, but a refreshed and rejuvenated body, mind and spirit is in a better mood and therefore can far more easily to tackle life.  Considering what you can do for yourself at home, it’s easy to see how going to the spa can help take your pampering to the next level.

Whether you enjoy a relaxing massage, a facial, a pedicure, a manicure or several or all of the above, you will undoubtedly feel a major mood boost as a result of spending a day pampering yourself at the spa.  Any of these treatments can help to release tension, decrease stress and quiet the mind.  So step away from stresses and interruptions, indulge in wonderful essential oil aromatherapy and pamper yourself.  You will definitely thank yourself for it.



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