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3 Spa Services to Get You Beach Ready

Now that spring is officially here, it’s only a matter of time until beach season is upon us. Even if you’ve been making a few trips to the beach already, it’s never too late to put your best beach body forward. Botanica offers a variety of luxuriously pampering services to ensure that you look and feel your best this summer while spending some fun in the sun this beach season. Here are some of the best spa services to look swimsuit ready anytime.

Mountain Glow Honey Butter Treatment

The skin is the body’s largest organ and can take a beating during the winter, even though we Floridians don’t necessarily deal with some of the harsher aspects of winter. You may not have been moisturizing or shaving regularly, causing your skin to look and feel dry and cracked. Our Mountain Glow Honey Butter Treatment is the perfect solution to remove dead skin cells, which will leave your skin with a radiantly bright glow. Aromatic sea salts, honey butter, and body balm are used to gently exfoliate your skin, making it supple, smooth, and ready to show off when you’re catching some waves.

Brazilian Wax

Don’t waste time shaving your most delicate area when you’re only going to be left with unsightly red bumps and potential ingrown hairs. Let us take care of removing unwanted hair for you. Our Brazilian Bikini Wax service utilizes the most hygienic approach to waxing in order to minimize irritation. We don’t “double dip” our wax sticks; a new stick is used each time throughout the treatment process. With a Brazilian Wax, you’ll never have to worry about embarrassing hairs peeking out. You can stroll along the beach or pool with perfect confidence.

Signature Botanica Pedicure  

While you may have enjoyed sporting your favorite boots this winter, your feet are likely in need of some extra love and attention now.  Our Signature Pedicure not only pampers your feet, but gives you a little TLC as well with an added eye treatment. All of this, while indulging in complimentary champagne and chocolates! Your feet will receive a relaxing massage and your toes will sparkle and shine with a fresh coat of gel polish.

Don’t ruin a perfectly good beach day by feeling self-conscious. Come to Botanica to make sure you are feeling your most beautiful in your favorite bikini!



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