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5 Interesting Facts About Your Skin

Skin.  It comes in many different textures and colors, and is the largest organ on our body.  When it’s soft and glowing, our skin can make us feel happy and confident.  But when we’re dealing with acne or dryness, our skin can feel like our biggest enemy.  Our skin plays a much bigger purpose than simply being a canvas for makeup or lotions; it’s an impressive multitasker that protects our organs and helps regulate the temperatures of our bodies.  Here are some incredible facts about how amazing our skin is. 

There’s A LOT of It

The amount of skin that covers your body is approximately equal to a surface area of more than 18.5 square feet or 1.73 square meters.  AND, what’s even crazier, about 16% of your overall body weight comes from the weight of your skin alone.  Who knew skin could be so heavy?

It’s Regenerative

Much like snakes shed their skin, our skin sheds dead skin cells on a daily basis, which creates a new layer of skin every 28 days.  While you’re sleeping, your skin exfoliates itself.  But remember, you should still use an exfoliator regularly since dead skin cells can still remain on the skin after its natural exfoliation process.

It’s Home to Bacteria

You might be surprised, and slightly grossed out, to know that millions of diverse communities of bacteria live on your skin.  This bacterium is called skin microbiota.  But don’t worry.  It’s harmless and actually helps your immune cells fight off disease-causing microbes.  Go bacteria!  

Producer of Vitamin D

Did you know that the sun is the only natural source of Vitamin D?  Your skin contains a cholesterol substance called provitamin D3 that reacts with the UVB rays in the sunlight, which forms Vitamin D3.  Make sure you are getting some healthy sun exposure on a daily basis!

The Regulator of Temperature

Skin is your body’s natural thermostat.  When your body temperature rises, your sweat glands activate to cool it down.  When temperatures are lower, the blood vessels in your skin tighten and limit the amount of warm blood that travels to the skin in order to prevent heat loss.

Now that you know just how much of a role your skin plays in your overall health, make sure you love and respect it.  Don’t harm your skin by using harsh products filled with chemicals; treat your skin right with products that use only natural, quality ingredients!



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