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5 Ways to Help Create a Healthy Body Image

More and more women who are in the public spotlight are stepping forward and coming clean about their use of photo shopping and body shaping apps in the photos they post to social media.  This is all being done in effort to show women and young girls that there is no such thing as a perfect body.  If you’re struggling with feeling happy about the body you have, here are some ways to help overcome those pesky insecurities once and for all!

Power of Positive Thinking

Stop being consumed by feelings of worthlessness.  For every negative thought that enters your mind, fight it off with at least 5 positive thoughts.  If there is a particular body part that is getting you down, focus on the features of your body that you love, whether it’s your hair, a dimple, or your pouty lips.  Better yet, stop focusing on your physical appearance and concentrate on the qualities of your personality that make you the beautiful person you are. 

Remove Negative Influences   

No one likes having to break up with a friend, but if you find yourself surrounded by people who are critical of your appearance or don’t support your journey to a better you, maybe you should be spending time with different people.  Find friends who encourage your growth as a person and who would love to be your gym buddy!

Take a Compliment Already!

We often have a hard time accepting compliments from people; we are quick to dismiss them or point out some flaw in ourselves because someone couldn’t possibly find something positive to say about us if they actually knew how much cellulite we have or the number of pimples we’ve covered with concealer.  Give yourself permission to believe in the compliments you receive and to feel good about them. 

Deal with Your Life Hang-ups

Some of us use our body issues as a way to distract ourselves from other problems that are occurring in our lives, like an unhappy relationship to a stressful, thankless job.  You think your life will improve if you just had a flatter stomach or more toned thighs.  Confronting the bigger issues in your life will increase your overall happiness.  When your happiness increases, so does your self-esteem!

Enjoy Exercise

Even if you aren’t losing weight, engaging in any type of exercise can boost your body confidence.  Find a workout you love, whether it’s a long walk in the park or a relaxing yoga class.  Exercising increases serotonin levels that can help battle against negative thoughts.

Start feeling proud about the body you’re in today, with these easy tips!



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