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Massage6 Reasons to Book a Massage ASAP

6 Reasons to Book a Massage ASAP

Most people think that receiving regular massages is an extravagant indulgence that isn’t actually necessary, and then this idea is used to justify why massage is not received as often as desired. Fortunately, the actual truth is that massages are enormously beneficial to our health along with providing us a well-deserved opportunity to be pampered! (The best of both worlds, in our opinion.) It, therefore, follows that if you are interested in investing in your health and you’re considering making changes to your diet and exercise regimen, you should also take the time to explore the physical benefits of massage.


When it comes to achieving and maintaining good health, your happiness and relaxation are really important factors to keep in mind. Not only can happiness and relaxation help to reduce or eliminate the release of stress hormones that affect the overall health and comfort of your body, but they can also allow you to operate more efficiently and effectively–on both a mental and a physical level!

When our various physical organs and systems are working together smoothly, we achieve the most optimal health. Massage specifically benefits our body’s systems in the following five ways:

  1. Stimulates the Lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system is responsible for carrying cellular waste away from our tissues. Obviously, that is a very important function, as it detoxifies our body and helps it to run regularly, but sometimes our lymphatic system can become sluggish and cellular waste can build up. Massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, and thus begins to function normally and optimally again!
  2. Relaxes our respiratory system. Among the many damaging effects of stress and anxiety is shorter, shallower breathing for prolonged periods of time. This, unfortunately, fails to provide the necessary levels of oxygen our body needs and wants in order to operate well on a “rest and digest” level, rather than a “fight or flight” level. Professional massage therapy helps to relax our entire body, which results in slower, deeper breathing and the better oxygenation of all body tissues and organs. This results in more rejuvenation and vitality, which helps us to feel better while achieving more optimal health!
  3. Improves the range of motion in the skeletal system. Tight muscles considerably limit our joints’ range of motion, which can cause persistent discomfort, injury, and pain as our body tries to operate in less-than-ideal patterns of movement. Massaging muscles become relaxed and allow for ideal structural alignment and range of motion.
  4. Boosts our reproductive system’s health. Physical tension can affect the natural and normal flow of hormones in the body, while stress can impact blood flows and even affect fertility (yikes!). Massage not only improves overall circulation, but it can help to balance hormone flow and improve the reproductive system (always, yes!).
  5. Balances the Endocrine system. Our endocrine system regulates the production and release of hormones that are vital to our overall comfort and health. Improper thyroid function can result in weight gain, lethargy, and exhaustion, which is often resolved through the use of medication. However, massage therapy can naturally help to balance the functions of the endocrine system so thyroid levels are ideally regulated and the proper number of hormones are produced and released into the body.
  6. Calms the nervous system. It is not unusual for our nervous system to be constantly on the alert due to the many demands of our normal, day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, this causes abnormal amounts of cortisol to be released into our system, and this can lead to all sorts of undesirable conditions, including insomnia, ulcers, heart conditions, skin problems, and more. Massage therapy relaxes the nervous system, allowing it to calm down and function on a more ideal level.

Now that you understand the extensive and immense physical and mental benefits of weekly massage, it is easy to see why scheduling massage therapy appointments are much more of a necessity than a luxury–they truly are an important investment in both your present and future health! Call us at 727-441-1711 today to start booking your massage appointments!



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