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Skin Care5 Things To Know About The Right Ingredients in Skin Care
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5 Things To Know About The Right Ingredients in Skin Care

Skin care is so hot right now and one of the biggest trending topics on any social media platform. Why? Because this is the time when health, wellness, and taking care of your skin has reached a new pinnacle – everyone wants to make right the wrongs of ignoring their skin in earlier years. It’s no longer the fad to cover yourself in tanning oil and bake until golden brown in the sun. Radiant, glowing skin that looks stunning without the aid of makeup is what the word of beauty is now worshipping. However, how can this be achieved? It then begs the question: what skin care should I be using?

Skin Care Products Do’s & Don’ts

There are endless brands and skin care lines on the market today. Beauty magazines like Allure and Elle, even Vogue, boast on some drugstore products and then praise the heavily price tagged brands in the same article. So, which one is better? How can you know what brand has beneficial ingredients and how in the world are you supposed to know what all of those impossibly long and scientific ingredient names are pronounced, let alone what they are there for?

Well, here are 5 very handy and helpful tips to know when you are looking for new skin care products:

·        1: Typically avoid drugstore beauty products when it’s used and absorbed into the skin, like moisturizers, face washes, and lotions. These tend to be filled with preservatives, chemicals, and mineral oil (which is actually unduly bad for your skin and can congest your pores with artificial grease).

·        2: Read the ingredients list! It can be tiresome, and you will have to research all those annoying, long words to know what they do and why they were added to the product, but once you do, it’ll be easier to understand the more you see ingredients lists. You should absolutely know what is going into your skin, your cells, to really understand the importance of high-quality products and that it’s not just trying to rip you off.

·        3: Look for plant-based and marine-based ingredients. These tend to promote natural ingredients and less artificial or lab-created additives. Think with this – it’s produced from the Earth, it’s nurtured and grown from the air, water, and sunshine – then certainly it’s good to use on your skin! The natural benefits of vitamins, minerals, and healing properties all mostly derive from these type of ingredients, therefore look for them in skin care.

·        4: High-cost brands don’t equal good ingredients. This cannot be stressed enough – it’s the ingredients that matter, not the name on the label! World renowned brands have been discovered to contain more artificial fillers and chemicals, like mineral oil and engineered plastics in a jar of cream than any real beneficial ingredients they promote in marketing. So even if you buy a $400 jar of face cream, it doesn’t mean it will give you better results than a $70 one.

·        5: Know the brands and product lines you want to use. Google is your best friend when it comes to learning about a skincare line you want to buy. Always research it before you purchase. More understanding and knowledge is never going to work against you, remember that!

With these 5 tips in mind, you will be able to buy more confidently in skin care and know what your dermatologist or esthetician is referring to when discussing your skin!

Botanica Skin Care

At Botanica Day Spa, we know the importance of what goes into your skin and it’s our primary goal to ensure you receive the best ingredients and skin care when you come into our spa. We proudly use Pevonia skin care for our facials! If you have never heard of Pevonia, be sure to check out their website and learn about the amazing ingredients, recyclable packaging, and how they have been on trend ahead of the beauty industry since the early 1990’s! Can’t wait to see for yourself all about the hype? Come in to Botanica spa for your next spa service and try our skin care for yourself – we even sell it in our salon store!




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