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Skin CareBreaking out from New Products? 5 Things to Know About Trying New Skin Care
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Breaking out from New Products? 5 Things to Know About Trying New Skin Care

Have you ever tried out a new facial cleanser or moisturizer and saw worse results in the beginning? As in, breakouts, redness, or irritation? Did you get so upset about it that you stopped using that product and went back to something you weren’t really happy with? Products that exfoliate, heal, detox, and promote better skin function (retinol, stem cells, peels) don’t always give you the ideal skin when you start using it – and here’s why.

Introducing Products to Your Skin

If you’ve been using drugstore type face products or even a decent brand, but then switch to something different, your skin needs to acclimate. Changing products does a few things to your skin, as you introduce new ingredients and new concern points. It can absolutely create breakouts as stronger exfoliants and skin rejuvenating ingredients work deeper into your pores and push out the build-up of dirt, oil, and bacteria.

Changing from a generic skin routine to a quality, beneficial regimen with specific targeting products, there is a purge period. You’re now clearing out and reversing any issues with your skin, of course, there will be some pitfalls in the beginning. Some of these could include and you should be aware of when buying new skin care products are:

  • Dry patches – intense treatments like retinol or acne-type skin care can cause temporary dry areas or flaking of the skin as it stimulates your cells and extracts the bad junk from your pores. This is very common and a normal reaction from your skin – just make sure to hydrate it a little more to start with.
  • Darker hyperpigmentation – as you cleanse your skin and remove toxins as well as damaged cells, dark spots can become darker as it clears it out. It will fade as you continue to use the products.
  • Bumps – cysts, pimples, zits, whiteheads, they do appear as you start a new skin care product (or products). This is very common and completely normal. You have to think with as you use better skin care, the more it’s actually going to repair and transform your skin. If you have bacteria or excess sebum oil or free radicals trapped in your pores, how does it come out? It gets pulled out from deep inside the pore and goes through the natural cycle of forming a type of bump and then extracting completely from it. You simply have to persevere through it and follow the proper pimple treatment to avoid inflammation, scarring, and reducing the breakouts quicker!
  • Inflammation – a high percentage of retinol or potent vitamin C can certainly cause a large, lingering red flush to your skin. It is an intense ingredient to help reduce dark spots and deliver great anti-aging benefits to your skin. Make sure to apply that SPF after treatments like these to protect your skin.
  • Sensitivity – Peels, exfoliants, stem cells, and retinol can all create a temporary sensitivity to your skin as it penetrates deep into the skin to clear out and boost the stimulation of the cells for healthier function.

If you haven’t quite taken the best care of your skin before finally taking the plunge into buying good skin care products, your skin will more likely react to the ingredients in a bigger purge. If you’ve taken care of your skin previously and just upgraded to better skin care, you might not have a more severe reaction at first. It really does depend on skin type, problem areas, the intensity of ingredients, and if you’ve taken care of your skin well in the past.

However, no matter what your skin has done or is doing with the new skincare, there is another technique to implement when starting new products. Instead of just changing everything completely to the new products you purchased, introduce each product slowly. This creates a buffer to the purge on your skin and will help set up your skin’s reaction to a less intense reaction. What you have to remember is that introducing new skin care products and the reaction of your skin to them are temporary but entirely common.

Skin Care at Botanica Day Spa

At Botanica, we proudly use and sell Pevonia skin care products at our spa. It is important for us to educate everyone who comes into our spa on their skin and how taking care of your skin is crucial, though can react differently to certain ingredients in the skin care. If you ever have questions or aren’t sure why your skin is behaving oddly to your face regimen, we are always here to help you with skin care advice!



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