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dark under eye circles

7 Different Ways to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark circle under eye treatments make up a hefty portion of the skincare market—and for good reason. Although they’re totally normal and common for a good chunk of the population, the hope of getting rid of those shadowy under-eye circles means potentially looking healthier, better rested, and years younger. But let’s back up a second and remind ourselves where exactly these dark circles come from. The most common reason for darkness under the eye area is because the skin there may be extra thin. When the skin thins out, the blood vessels underneath become more visible, and that blood beneath the skin is what creates the appearance of dark circles.

Not getting a good night’s rest plays a role here, too. When you lack sleep, your body’s circulatory system is compromised, and you get stagnant blood in the vessels under the eyes because they haven’t properly drained. In other words, getting a full eight hours is an easy (and totally free) way to combat dark under eyes. To answer our question of how to get rid of dark circles (or if it’s even possible),

We compiled intel on seven different under eye treatments that we tried out for ourselves, along with what we offer at the spa to get rid of dark under eye circles. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Try Micro needling to Boost Collagen Production

There is no ‘cure’ for dark circles (I know, sorry), however, there are a number of treatments that can address the underlying causes of dark circles and improve their appearance. Take micro needling for example. Micro needling is a process that creates tiny injuries in the skin to help stimulate collagen production and in turn, thickens the skin under the eyes. Micro needling is often employed to treat acne scars that leave indentations in the skin, and by increasing collagen production, the procedure plumps up the skin to make the scars less depressed and less noticeable. That same reasoning is why some use micro needling to treat the hollowing and thin skin that develops beneath our eyes.

The results from that one treatment are incredible—severe dark circles and puffy under-eye bags vanished and stayed that way for weeks. The transformation remains staggering each time you receive the service. If you have persistent dark circles, this is the one treatment you simply have to try.

Wear SPF Consistently

We all know the importance of sunscreen on our face, but for our under eyes, in particular, it’s key in preventing dark circle formation. There are multiple factors that can contribute to dark circles including hyperpigmentation, volume loss, and visibility of little blood vessels underneath the surface. Wearing SPF helps to prevent the DNA damage that can occur with UV exposure that can lead to discoloration and loss of collagen, which can appear as dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume.

Take a Vitamin B12 Supplement

Although this anti-aging, plant-based supplement isn’t specifically a dark circle under eye treatment, it is a rich source of vitamin B12. A B12 deficiency can lead to a form of anemia in which there are not a sufficient number of healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Anemia can make the skin pale, and the contrast of pale skin against dark circles makes them more pronounced. What’s more, poorly oxygenated blood is darker in color, which can—you guessed it—contribute to the appearance of dark circles. As always, consult your doctor to decide if taking a supplement is right for you.

Massage Under the Eyes with a Jade Roller

A form of facial massage, this ancient Chinese practice increases blood circulation and aids with lymphatic drainage, working to diminish the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. (On the spiritual side, it also intends to ward off negative energy and balance your chi). If you’re struggling with puffiness in addition to darkness jade rollers can help. In general, the applicator on a jade roller is cooling on the skin, which helps to reduce puffiness as it causes the blood vessels to constrict. The pressure of the jade roller helps to push fluid away from the under eye area. Additionally, massaging boosts circulation making the eyes appear brighter and more radiant.

Apply Retinol to Brighten and Tighten

Research on the effect of retinol getting rid of dark circles has shown promising results. Retinol products are derivatives of vitamin A, and when used to treat dark circles, it stimulates collagen production in the skin around the eyes and lightens hyperpigmented skin. As such, retinol serums promise to brighten and tighten the appearance of skin. An important note: it’s important to use retinols with caution around the eyes—these products are notorious for causing dry, red, flaky, irritated patches, especially in areas of thin skin.

Wear Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches

Dark circles can be a result of dehydration, so using a deeply hydrating ingredient such as hyaluronic acid (which has the ability to hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water) will help combat that. What’s more, Hyaluronic acid prevents dehydrated skin around the eyes from looking tired, sallow, and wrinkled. These cooling eye patches also contain ingredients like anti-inflammatory caffeine (to temporarily constrict the blood vessels under the eyes) and a little colloidal gold (to brighten) for good measure.

Invigorate Your Eye Area with a Facial

When all else fails, leave it in professional hands to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, get your circulation flowing in your face, and work lymphatic drainage techniques into the service for glowy, awake-looking skin. Sometimes it does take someone else to help reduce dark under eye circles, and what better way than to also get some pampering for the rest of your face?

Hopefully, these tips help and you won’t have to reach for that concealer so much. Book your facial today at Botanica Day Spa by calling 727-441-1711!



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