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PedicureA Pedicure at Botanica Spa is Not Your Normal Pedicure: 3 Reasons Why

A Pedicure at Botanica Spa is Not Your Normal Pedicure: 3 Reasons Why

We all love to enjoy a good pedicure every now and then. It’s the perfect weekend splurge to relax, unwind, and bring your girlfriends along to catch up! A nail salon is always the first choice when you think of getting your nails done, either hands or feet. But a nail spa is something altogether a different and more indulgent experience – and we don’t mean indulgent on your wallet either.

A Pedicure at a Spa vs. Nail Salon

Normally, when you got a nail salon it’s a pretty straightforward action to get a pedicure. Soak, remove old polish, trim/shape nails, ticklish foot scrub, short calf massage, then polish. A nail salon sees so many frequent customers that their protocol for manis or pedis is to be fast and move on to the next person. This is okay for when you’re crunched for time, but a nail spa emphasizes the time and relaxation more so than a nail salon.

This also helps to prolong your pedicure further, by the attentiveness that is given to your time slot. A nail technician should be able to offer you the exact service you asked for, without forgoing the quality of that service. When you choose a nail spa over a nail salon, this is what you can look forward to:

  • A serene spa atmosphere
  • Dedicated appointment slot
  • Experienced nail technician
  • High-quality nail equipment
  • Better polish choices
  • More additions for the same cost of your pedicure
  • Dedicated custom service to each client
  • Spa quality products instead of bulk supply house products

Another wonderful aspect of choosing a nail spa is the professionalism acquainted with a full-service spa. Each employee is trained and certified to handle different areas of the body with a full breadth of knowledge on how to treat it, this includes the hands and feet for a more massage therapy feel to your manicure or pedicure.

Don’t you want more for your nail and foot care?

Choosing to have your nails done at a spa will open a whole new realm of peace and stunning results! While a busy and loud nail salon can be fun, on occasion, at a spa, it’s quiet and calm. Even if you come with a friend or two, it will still be endlessly more calming than at a nail salon. For a high quality and professional pedicure, pick the right place from the start. It’s never too late for a beautiful and tranquil pedicure experience!

Botanica Day Spa Pedicure

What makes a pedicure at Botanica Day Spa better than a regular one at a nail salon? Simple! You receive way more for the same price. Not only are you relaxing in a spa, known for its relaxing environment, the hands-on service you receive can’t be beat! For a pedicure, there are several options available to you, but even the basic offers plenty more compared to a nail salon.

A dedicated nail space is awaiting you at Botanica Day Spa, where with our pedicure you will receive a foot soak in a top quality pedicure chair, then there’s an exfoliating foot scrub and callus removal – for smooth, sexy feet. Followed is your nail shaping, cuticle trim, and before polish application, you get to unwind with a divine warm stone massage!

This number of amenities included in the basic price can’t compare to any nail salon you can find. Plus, if you really want to splurge, give the Signature Botanica Pedicure a whirl for the ultimate trip to nail pampering paradise (hint: it’s not just your feet that are lavished, but your eyes too)!

Call Botanica Day Spa today to book your pedicure appointment and say hello to a truly one of a kind nail spa experience!

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