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The Spa Services You Need Before Going on Vacation

When scoping out your next vacation, you may find yourself also planning out your pre-vacation beauty needs. Not only do you want to look amazing in those vacation photos that you plan to share with everyone you know on social media, but you definitely want to feel confidently beautiful when you walk out in public in that bikini or summer dress! A well-deserved trip to the spa, before your vacation, may be just the thing you need to prep for a wonderful, relaxing, and of course, well-documented vacation.

Your Spa Trip Before Vacation Checklist

A summer vacation is always memorable, therefore, you should look just as memorable in all the photos and videos you’ll be taking! It’s common to have a vacation beauty checklist and we have it all laid out for you below:

1. Eyelash tinting.  We are all familiar with how a coat of mascara can make a huge difference in the depth and definition of our eyes.  But applying mascara every day while on your vacation and then dealing with smudging, running, clumping and having to remove it at the end of the day is not on the itinerary.  Eyelash tinting, performed by a lash specialist, allows you to enjoy weeks of darker eyelashes without the fuss!

2. Dermaplaning or facial.  Dermaplaning is performed by a professional aesthetician who carefully removes the top layer of dead, clogged skin on your face and neck, revealing more radiant, youthful skin underneath. However, as it can make your skin far more sensitive to sunlight, it should be performed well in advance of your vacation. Facials similarly exfoliate and nourish the skin, giving it a youthful glow for those Instagram glam vacation photos.

3. Body Treatment. A good body treatment can help the skin better absorb moisturizer, stimulate blood circulation, drain lymph nodes and detoxify your body internally. A body scrub does for the body what a facial does for the face and neck.  A body treatment at Botanica can reveal a new, glowing you from head to toe, but it can also help detox and slim your body before all the beach trips, and outdoor activities!

4. Mani-Pedi. Manicures and Pedicures are almost mandatory for a vacation. Your hands are a forefront body part that should have the perfect nail color to match your vacation wardrobe, plus it always makes us feel more confident when we have our nails done. And then there’s our feet! Not only is a pedicure a wonderful way to beautify your feet, they can help to prevent infection, stop calluses from forming, and they may even help to improve joint health.  Besides, you will want to show off your toes (with those new shoes you bought just for the upcoming trip)!

5. Waxing. Waxing your legs, your bikini area, your arms, your back, and even your upper lip and eyebrows can have many wonderful benefits, including exfoliation, extending the time before new hair growth appears, allowing for finer, thinner hair, and much, much more. This is surely a must before any vacation!

We work very hard to earn our vacations, and we rightfully desire for them to be absolutely perfect and very well documented.  There is no reason that we shouldn’t take a pre-vacation trip to the spa so that we look and feel gorgeous, inside and out, to better enjoy ourselves! At Botanica, we can help you check off the entire list of spa services you should receive before you go.

A spa package sounds right up your alley for everything you need to look and feel gorgeous for your vacation! Who says you need to wait until your vacation to enjoy yourself? Contact us today at 727-441-1711 to book your appointments. We can’t wait to hear all about where you’re going while we pamper you for the occasion!



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