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Are Your Bathing Habits Harming Your Skin

Bathing and showering are essential to good hygiene, but we all have different bathing habits. Some people simply shower because, let’s face it, we can get smelly at times; others use shower or bath time as a way to relax and unwind at the end of a chaotic day. Some of us love steamy, hot showers, while others embrace cold showers as a way to wake them up instantly in the mornings. Whatever your bathing routine is, there is a chance that it could be harming your skin rather than keeping it healthy and properly moisturized.

Improper Bathing Habits

Dermatologists have suggested that some skin problems can develop due to wrong bathing practices. Proper bathing can deeply hydrate the skin and prevent eczema. However, dry skin, allergic skin reactions, and even infections can occur because of poor bathing. It doesn’t matter if you prefer bathing to showering, or vice versa; it is how you are bathing that might be harming your skin.

Healthy Bathing Tips

Don’t fret about what you may be doing wrong in the shower. Here are some ways to ensure that your skin stays healthy and clean:

• Avoid really hot water and harsh soaps if you’re prone to dry skin
• Moisturize with a hydrating skin cream within 3 minutes of drying off
• Use hypoallergenic body wash and lotion to limit allergen exposure
• Make sure your loofas, wash cloths, and razors are able to dry completely

This last point is incredibly important. Your bathroom can serve as a great host for germs to develop. Toss any bathing accessories that look worn, as they can harbor water and invite organisms to grow. Even bathmats that are not given the chance to completely dry can house germs that can move onto your skin, causing such infections as foot/nail fungus, rashes, or even a staph aureus infection.

Keeping Skin Healthy

Even though we all would love to skip out on the aging process, our skin changes as the years pass by. After the age of 50, skin oil production and skin barrier integrity both decrease. To heal dry skin, bathe in warm to luke warm water. Hot water removes more skin oils and increases skin inflammation. Limit soaping to only the oily and odor causing parts of your skin such as your face, armpits, groin, and feet.

Have any concerns about the body wash or soap you are using? Come to Botanica for some expert advice on some amazing natural skin care products.



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