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Body TreatmentsBack Facial: Why Treating It Like Your Face Has Boundless Benefits
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Back Facial: Why Treating It Like Your Face Has Boundless Benefits

Achieving and maintaining beauty depends a lot upon simply taking very good care of one’s body.  This includes sleeping well and enough, eating well and exercising.  It also includes taking care of our largest organ–our skin.  And while a back facial may seem silly and pointless, it’s not only helpful to those who like exposing their back with their swimsuits or garments, it can contribute greatly to good skin health.


No matter how diligently we may try to keep our skin clean and healthy, the simple fact is that we just do not possess the tools or techniques necessary for truly performing the deepest and thorough cleaning.  Therefore, for the same reason that we must visit the dentist every six months in addition to cleaning our teeth daily at home, we must also visit the spa every so often to get our skin deep-cleaned in addition to our skincare regimen at home. 

Facials are obviously designed to address the skin on the face, helping to eliminate and prevent acne and skin blemishes.  They are wonderfully helpful, even where the individual possesses the right skincare products for their skin type and performs their skincare regimen flawlessly every day.  However, as helpful and important as facials are, back facials are even more important–primarily because the back is very difficult to reach and properly clean.  Some scrubbing tools can be helpful in unclogging pores and helping to prevent against or resolve certain skin problems, but it just isn’t workable to properly moisturize the back in the way that is needed to handle dry skin or other skin problems.  However, in a back facial, the aesthetician can give the back the thorough and deep cleaning and moisturizing it desperately needs.

As occurs with a regular facial, a back facial often begins with deep steaming in order to open up the pores so that they can be properly cleaned and moisturized.  Depending on the condition of your skin, the aesthetician may use an exfoliating scrub in order to remove dead skin cells that often build up and clog the skin, creating undesirable and uncomfortable skin issues.  Glycolic peels or microdermabrasion may also be done in order to further clean the skin and prepare it for a moisturizing treatment.

Another benefit of a back facial is that it can lead smoothly into a full-body scrub, leaving you with the beautiful, soft, smooth and glowing skin you desire.

Back Facial at Botanica

The best part of going to the spa is the feeling of being pampered by someone else. You just get to lay there and relax! All the work is being done by a professional masseuse or esthetician and all of the staff at Botanica are there to bring the best results for our clients. Whether it’s a massage, facial, body treatment, hair removal, or beautification, at Botanica you will feel like part of the family!

You leave the spa at your very best and we aim to help you achieve what you came to us for. If it’s acne problems, we can absolutely give you the best treatment for it, using high-quality skin care products and offer you plenty of advice to help you maintain it at home! Taking care of your back and maintaining healthy, clear skin on it can help you feel more confident, plus ensure that your skin’s health stays top notch! Visit us at Botanica and book your next appointment online or call us at 727-441-1711 for a back facial. We look forward to servicing you!




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