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EyeBeauty Tips for Allergy Sufferers
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Beauty Tips for Allergy Sufferers

For the majority of people, springtime means warmer weather, blooming flowers, and increased time enjoying the outdoors. But for others, it can be a dreaded time of year that brings about unwanted allergies. Constant sneezing and watery eyes can really hinder your daily life and make it nearly impossible to get through normal activities. While you may have an allergy-fighting game plan with your doctor, your face can still show signs of allergy symptoms. This year, don’t fret over looking like an allergy mess. With these beauty tips, you’ll look your best even if you might not be feeling it.

Spring Clean Your Cosmetics

Many kinds of makeup can be bothersome for people who have sensitive skin, but makeup can also aggravate sensitive eyes during allergy season. By using fresh makeup applicators and products made with natural ingredients with sensitivity in mind, you can help to reduce the negative side effects that can develop due to allergies. Keep cleansing wipes or rubbing alcohol nearby to wipe down items such as eyelash curlers or powder brushes. Using clean products is a must during peak allergy season.

Reduce Nose Redness  

Continually rubbing and blowing your nose can make it dry, cracked and red. While you may turn to applying a thick layer of concealer and foundation to prevent yourself from looking like Rudolph in springtime, there are two other important steps to take. Apply a good moisturizer to soften and ease the dryness. Next, use a green primer before applying your foundation or concealer to help reduce the redness.

Calm Facial Puffiness

Two of the most common challenges that allergy sufferers must face are swollen eyes and an unflattering puffy face. Applying a cold compress, natural Aloe Vera, or a cooling mask are easy, effective options to reduce those unwanted side effects. Start out by applying the Aloe Vera or the cooling mask to a small portion of your face to ensure that you don’t have an unfriendly reaction.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Along with a red nose, chapped lips also tend to show up during allergy season. Though they are a common allergy symptom, chapped lips are also a sign of dehydration. If you haven’t been drinking enough water lately, make sure you’re upping your water intake. This will not only help your lips retain hydration, but your skin as well. To ensure the exterior of your skin is looking supple and hydrated, try using a hydrating mist like Pevonia's Phyto-Mist. Also, never leave home without a quality lip balm!

With these tips, you’ll be ready to conquer allergy season looking fresh and fabulous!



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