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Biggest Beauty Trends for Spring 2016

Spring has officially sprung which means it’s time to reboot your favorite looks with the hottest trends for the new season. In the past, we’ve seen some retro and vintage looks make major comebacks. So, what does Spring 2016 hold for beauty lovers around the world? Here are the looks that are expected to blossom during this season of rebirth.

Bold, Beautiful Blue

Vibrant blue eye shadows and eyeliners are no longer reserved for teens and tweens. Bold bolts of cobalt and sheer illuminating streaks of powder blue adorned the eyes of many models during Fashion Week. The color blue helps to awaken tired-looking eyes and is the perfect way to add some drama to your lids. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro with eyeliner; this trend is all about accentuating your eyes with a fun kick of color without worrying about making precise and straight lines. Imperfect swooshes are encouraged!

Glitter and Glitz  

Another trend that we may have long forgotten since our college days is glitter. It seemed like there was a time when you could never have enough glitter; from pouty, glittery lips to sparkly eye shadows, glitter was a fun way to add some excitement to our makeup. Now glitter is back in a big way and is adding a romantic and angelic twist to faces and nails everywhere. Try adding a touch of glitter polish to make your nails twinkle or gently brush loose glitter across your eye lids.

A Twist on the French Manicure

The classic French Manicure may seem like old news, but this common nail tradition is getting rebooted with neon colors and angular shaping to create a seductive, yet tough look to your fingertips. Energetic oranges and lime greens are taking over the tips of nails in a look that is reminiscent of the 80’s. Angular v-shaped tips are also adding intrigue to the usual French-tip style.   

Vibrant Lips

Be a loud mouth without saying a word!  Your lips will do all the talking for you this Spring when you color your pout with vibrant shades of pink, orange, and oxblood. Aren’t feeling bold enough to pull off a vivid orange hue yet? Pick a shade that has a red tone to it, so it’s not too far off from your go-to classic red color, but will still be noticeably dramatic and different.

Now you’ll be ready to sport the trendiest beauty picks for this Spring with happy confidence!



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